thread: Counting in weeks vs months

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    Mar 2004
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    Counting in weeks vs months

    Hi all,

    Maybe a stupid question, but I was wondering whether there was a rule of thumb on how to count the months, i.e. which weeks correspond with which months - e.g. if you are 11 weeks, are you 2 months or 3 months pregnant?


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    Pietta Guest

    My hubbie asks this Q all the time. He says that 9 months isnt 40 weeks. I think weeks is better coz apparently (according to DH) one month is 4 and a half weeks.

    Hope that helps a bit

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    Mar 2004
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    he he.. no, that's right. maybe we should start calling it "moons", cause it is 9 moon cycles
    " how many moons are you?"


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    Pietta Guest

    Hey susan where are you now?? I am sure you can answer this question!!
    I think I am 5 moons now!! I have no idea!!! lol

    My strategy is to say months to non-preg people coz I know how confused i got when ppl said weeks to me before, and to ppl who know about 40 weeks I say how many weeks.

    How many moons til you leave snowy? Are you still going to chat with us on here?

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    Orkids Guest

    Some months have 4 weeks some have 5, but a lunar cycle is 28 days, so we're pregnant for 10 lunar cycles (I think??!). There are 13 lunar cycles a year.

    I cant remember all the figures, but when I was nudging 16 weeks I remember being dissapointed to find out that you have to wait until you're 18 weeks to be 4 months pregnant #-o . My theroy was 1 month = 4 weeks so 16 weeks = 4 months pregnant - WRONG!!!! 8-[

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    Pietta Guest

    Lol- now my DH is a member I should get him to write his theory on here! We are always discussing this!! I just reckon for ease of the pregnant brain each 4th week we should say a month coz my the time we are (working our sums) 9 months or 36 weeks we are ready to have bub anyway!!

    Thats my argument and I am sticking to it!! :P

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    Mar 2004
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    oh yeah, duh, of course 10 lunar cycles... 40 weeks divided by a lunar cycle of 4 weeks is 10..

    so what, at 8 weeks exactly I am 2 moons but just 1 month pregnant??

    I know what you mean about confusing ppl... that's why I was asking .. coz if someone says "how many months is that?" I wouldn't know for the life of me what to say!

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    Oct 2003
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    I guess... LOL if someone were to ask me now I'd say around 7 months... and they look at me like I should know... so I say, 'look I know I'm 33 can decide the month I'm in and whereabouts...LOL'


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    Pietta Guest

    Just tell them what they want to hear!! LOL
    I tell all my rellies who dont know about babies that I am 5 months. They seem to understand it better!!
    I think I am 5 months (hasnt that gone quick-my goodness!!) in like a week and a bit!!

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    I fell pregnant on July 28th. So if someone asked and it was close to the 28th of a month (say December) I would say I was nearly 5mths pregnant.

    Love :smt049