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Thread: Cramping Eased Off Over Past 2 Days

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    hopefullmum2b Guest

    Question Cramping Eased Off Over Past 2 Days

    Hi all,

    Just wanting to know if anyone else has experienced the same. I'm 7 weeks tomorrow (Sunday ) and have noticed that over the past 2 days that the cramping i was experiencing has sort of eased off and haven't felt much cramping. Because I M/C last year am a bit concerned. I go for an U/S next Friday to check dates etc, so hoping to see a heart beat.
    can anyone help me out with an answer.

    many thanks Bec.

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    Yes, it's very normal. the cramping usually settles down early because it's an initial reaction of your uterus softening and preparing for a growing bub.

    I had excruitiating cramps with my first baby for a week, that's actually how I found out I was pregnant because the cramps were so bad I went to the doctor. But they settled down pretty early in.

    Same with this one, I had some mild cramping for only about 2 weeks or so early on.

    Let us know how your ultrasound goes...good luck hun

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    hopefullmum2b Guest


    Thanks Tara for your help and assurance. will let you know how things go with U/S.

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    Hi Bec,

    My cramping settled down as well, but noticed it comes and goes at times, which I find a bit unsettling. I am 11 and a half weeks and am experiencing period pain today which I am finding a bit scary. But at 7 weeks I think from memory my cramping got less.

    Good luck

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    gina Guest


    Hi Everyone,

    I know how you feel as i am 5 weeks and getting the low cramps and the neddle like feeling in the vagina. Everyone says its ok, but its still scary until you know for sure. Be positive and what will be will be.

    Thinking of you


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    goldilocks Guest


    Bec, it's completely normal hon! The exact same thing happened to me at around 7 weeks. I'd only had mild cramping until that point but it definitely disappeared altogether around then. I had a scan at 7w2d and we saw our little Bunny with a healthy so we knew everything was ok. Best of luck for your scan next week, you must come back to tell us how it went!


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    I never noticed any cramping whatsoever with my first bub.
    I had it with the second, starting around the time AF was due, and it was gone by six weeks.
    It's all good, relax and enjoy!

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    Hey Bec,
    I have experienced a similar thing. I started off with really bad cramps, then they eased off, so now they come and go. I had a couple of days this week where nausea disappeared and cramping eased entirely, but instead of feeling relief, I felt worried! LOL, it is such a roller coaster isn't it? I am sure the cramps will be back, as mine come and go, and I am sure you will see a lovely little heart beat on the ultrasound,

    I know it is hard not to worry, but try not to as it seems normal to me,


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