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    Nov 2004
    Bonnie Doon



    I'm a bit worried because I've been having cramps off and on - kind-of like period pains for the last few days. I have had no bleeding or anything but am really scared that something may be wrong.

    I have a u/s in a couple of days so will find out for sure then, but was just wondering if anyone has had this or knows whether it's normal or not.

    They're not really painful or anything, I just have that feeling that they're there if that makes sense.

    Thanks! What would I do without BB??!

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    Aug 2003
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    Kristie I had crampy feelings in my tummy when I was pregnant. Your uterus is stretching, which is causing the pain. Actually I had all sorts of tummy pains right through my pregnancy. If you are concerned its always best to get it checked out by your OB. But if there not really painful and you haven't had any bleeding, I would say your having normal tummy pains.

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    I get them too, if you are in the first trimester I'd suggest being careful not to lift anything too heavy, and to be careful how much strain you put on your abdominals. Apart from that, it's pretty normal. I wouldn't worry unless it becomes more of a tearing pain, or unless you start spotting - in which case it DOESN'T automatically mean you'll miscarry, it can just mean you are doing a little too much and need to cut back.


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    Nov 2004
    Bonnie Doon

    Thanks guys.

    I'm a dance teacher so I was already worried about overdoing it. Not sure how to deal with that one, although I have assistants for most classes now to help out.

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    Hi there,

    I'm also having these problems. After EC and ET I had sharp pains for 2 weeks. Nurse at MIVF said if there was no spotting, which there isn't that I had nothing to worry about. Now the sharp pains have gone and I have just a stomache ache just below my belly button - I can't help worrying. Why do I always have a stomache ache?

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    tummy ache

    Carrie mine is pretty constant too, like a stitch or a cramp in the lower abdomen. If it really worries you then go get checked out by your obstetrician, but it is pretty normal. Your uterus is constantly expanding to accommodate the baby growing, imagine it as a muscle that you have never used before being stretched a little every day - it WILL hurt as your body stretches and heals, stretches and heals. You can't see what is going on as it is internal, but be reassured that you are not alone in experiencing this.

    This is my third child, and one thing I've noticed is that each pregnancy has been very different from the others. This time around I have a constant background pain that I try to ignore, the stomach ache that you are talking about, but because of my previous experiences I know that this IS a normal pain, even though it's uncomfortable and annoying.


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    Hi Everyone

    Its so good to know that Im not alone with the cramping issue.

    I have had menstrual type cramping since 4 weeks pregnant and now that I am 15wks, it has turned into the sharp stabbing pains now and then. Its mostly when I am asleep and I get woken up by the pain, but it subsides fairly quickly.

    My midwife has said similar things to what you all have been saying, that the uterus is growing with bubs, that ligaments can sometimes get twisted and causes the panging pain. As long as there is no bleeding this is all very normal. And of course even if you do have some spotting it doesnt mean the worst

    I find that if i jum up too quickly from my seat I have the stabbing pains also. This baby must be doing some serious growing thats all I can say!!

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    In the first trimester, I had loads of af type cramping and little stabbing pains etc etc.

    I really think it's totally natural and it's just a whole lot of stretching going on in there! O

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    Aren't our bodies amazing!!!

    I am having #2, and I do remember all the cramping and sharp stabbing pains if I stood up too quickly from my seat etc etc...all very normal!

    Although, you think it will be so nice not to have AF for 9 months, but we all still get crampy, achey, sore tummy'


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    Dec 2004
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    Hi All!

    I get cramps too, I've been feeling lots of muscles and things stretch and grow. Since this is my first, it's worrying to me, not knowing what's normal.

    But it's helpful to know, that the little person inside you is making renovations to accommodate it's needs for the next so many months.

    Grow baby grow \/