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Thread: cramps and burning feeling !

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    mairsy Guest

    Default cramps and burning feeling !

    Hi there - i'm new to this forum but from what i've read it's a great place to be when you're pregnant or trying (or think you might be like me !)

    Just a quick question ........... i've read that period like cramps appears to be normal (which i have been getting) but has anyone experienced a burning pain in their pelvic region ? about to go the the doc tomorrow - still haven't definately confirmed pregnancy yet, so all and all i'm very confused ! (i also have endo)

    thanks 8-[

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    Hi mairsy! Welcome to belly belly. You're right. This is a great place to have questions answered and receive support while TTC or pregnant.

    Unfortunately I don't know the answer to your question! But I'm sure someone will. I hope your doctor can tell you today that you're pregnant! Good luck!

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    First of all, welcome to bellybelly!

    In answer to your problem it could be a UTI(urinary tract infection) so I would definatly mention it to the doctor as they can make pregnant women really sick if left untreated.

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    *Rach* Guest


    Hi Mairsy,
    I am 6 weeks and am having the same pains.. I have spoken to my Dr and he told me its normal... usually i go for a walk or take panadol , it usually helps... i have PCOS , i am not sure if the pains a more severe due to this...
    i hope everything goes well... its hard when people tell you not to worry, but you can't help it...


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