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Thread: Cramps on left side?

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    Question Cramps on left side?

    Hi All
    Just wondering whether the crampy feelings I have been feeling in my pelvic area are normal. Sometimes they are only to the left side of my pelvis, does anyone else experience this or are they generally in the centre of your pelvis?

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    Hi Emma,

    I'm definately no expert in this area but i also experienced cramps at that stage.... I have heard it might be something to do with implantation. My doc said it was completely normal - although it doesn't really put your mind at rest ! I felt like i was getting my AF but rest assured it does settle down. I'm still experiencing all kinds of weird pains and the occasional crampy feeling at 13 weeks. I'm just putting it down to the baby growing and stretching out !

    Good luck. I hope you feel better - it is hard to worry but it does help to know you're not the only one who has experienced the feeling...

    x Jupiter

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    yeah with my DD i was so worried as I was having cramps on my right side, so my dr sent me for an ultrasound but as he said, everything was fine My dr said it woild have been the bub getting cosy and all the stretching and stuff

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