thread: Cute way of telling people your Pg

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    Oct 2004

    Cute way of telling people your Pg

    Next week DH and I are planning on telling both our parents that good news!

    Does anyone know of any cute ideas of doing it?



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    Sep 2004
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    Maybe you can buy a card from the card shop that says "Congratulations on your new grandchild"...... Just a thought.

    Take care

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    I showed mum my positive HPT and said 'this is the first photo of your new grandchild"

    When I fell pregnant with Lachlan, my FIL had recently crashed "Astrobabe" the radio controlled plane he built to honour Kamerons birth, so when we told my IL's we said. Looks like you had better work on "Astrobabe II"


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    Just an idea, a friend of mine gave her mum a photoframe that said "I love my Grandma" on it, with a picture of the ultrasound in it! I thought that was reeeallly sweet, plus it made her mum cry!

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    Oct 2004

    Thans guys!

    They are all good ideas....i will keep them in mind

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    Sep 2004
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    This is the funkiest way of telling of your pregnancy, but I think its more geared to telling your man....

    I have some information for your files,
    A tidbit that might underline your day,
    Most suited to the gentlest of smiles:
    Please mark before you file it away.
    Regarding information: some may render
    Every passion previous absurd,
    Giving your experience a splendor
    New risen with the wonder of a word.
    All you've ever known or has occurred
    Now will be transfigured instantly:
    To process, read the left side vertically.

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    Aug 2004

    how about you get a cute little plain t-shirt, get some fabric paint or iron on transfers and spell out "baby on board" when you go to tell the people you are going to tell, that would be hillarious!