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Thread: Cyst on U/S

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    Default Cyst on U/S

    We just had our first dating scan.

    There was a viable pregnancy with a heart beat of 125bpm

    The sonographer also noticed a uterine cyst about 5mm.

    The doctor seemed to think that this was nothing to worry about and we should just wait and see what happens to it.

    I am concerned. Has anyone else had this with good/bad outcomes? What happens if the cyst bursts?

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    I have pcos (poly cystic ovarian syndrome) which means I have heaps of cysts on my ovaries......I realise that ovaries are different to a uterus, but if the doctor wasn't worried about it then trust him/her. If there was reason for concern, I'm sure your dr. would be onto it.......
    I know it can be hard not to worry...but try!

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    hay dee which OB are you using in brisbane?? i wouldnt worry your doc would be straight on top of it if anything was wrong. hows your pregnancy treating you? love TG

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    mummymeegs Guest


    Hi - Did he say what kind of cyst it was?? I have had corpus luteum cysts with both of my pregnancies and they are very common. The first one was quite large and we were almost going to operate to remove it but it went away by itself. The second was smaller and caused no problems at all. I dont think they burst as such but just kind of dissolve!! If you are really worried check again with your Dr.. but if he/she is not worried then I wouldn't be either! Good luck matey! I am sure all will be ok!

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    I had a dermoid cyst with my first son. Was Found at first dating scan at 8wks. They monitored it and it grew quite large over the following four weeks so they decided to remove it. Had the operation when I was 16wks and everything went fine. Only in hospital a couple of days but they only let me go home so early as I was able to stay in bed at home for another few days (no kids to look after then). They gave me the OK to fly to Perth the following week for a holiday.
    I guess it depends what kind of cyst you have. You may not need to have it removed or it may go on its own.
    Best wishes,

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    deedeeze Guest


    Thanks ladies

    Debbie, my doctor just noticed it at 6 weeks 4 days. I have another scan in a few weeks and we will see what happens. Thanks for telling me your story.

    TG, I am going public as we don't have the health insurance. Going to RBWH. Minor morning sickness, just really nausea and sore boobies! Thankfully no vomiting-yet!

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    dee, i just saw this!

    im sure that everything will be fine if the dr says they just want to keep an eye on it.

    i understand your concern though and i hope everything is fine.

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