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Thread: Dates don't match with ultra sound

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    Default Dates don't match with ultra sound


    My story so far, up until today I thought I would be 6wks and 1 day. However I have had some mild spotting (or should I call it streaking) twice. Once 5 days ago and then again last night. I have had mild back ache and cramping, but I had this with the last pregnancy as well. I went along for an u/s and they said that could only see a sac and according to them I am 5wks and 1day. One whole week behind. I have looked at my chart and it may be possible to be less than 6wks, but on whole week seems strange. Especially considering if I was 1wk behing then I got my first +ve at 5DPO (only very very barely there +ve).

    According to the scan my cervix is long and tight, the sac to high and there is not fluid waiting to be dispelled. That is positive I guess.

    I haven't had any preg symptoms up until the last day or 2 where by I am getting a little sicky and my boobs are now sore on and off.

    Anyone got any ideas?

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    No ideas apart from the fact you might be a little less then you thought. Maybe you ovulate later then you think? Good luck with everything

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    Sweetie, I hope it all works out for you.

    I would go and get a BT done. If you have had one done before, you can ensure that your HCG levels are increasing every 2-3 days as they should. Otherwise, drs will usually just say come back in a week and they will do another scan to check. Although it's only a week, it feels like an eternity, so perhaps another BT will be able to reassure you more quickly.

    Let us know how you go. Try to talk to your dr or OB and let them know you are worried, and hopefully they will do something for you. My GP was awful, but he still let me have another BT straight away when I thought something was wrong, and it turned out my levels were lowering, so I knew what was happening before I started to m/c. I hope you have good results and that everything is well.

    I will be thinking of you.


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    Bek, maybe you did O earlier, even if only a few days cause that will affect the size of the sac too, and allowing for the scan to be out by a little bit, then there is still a good chance everything will be OK.

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    When I had an early ultrasound, it said the embryo was in fact 5 days OLDER than what I thought my dates were. According to my dates, Nina was due on the 20th September (the u/s said 15th...)

    Then at my 19week scan the date moved again!! I think when they do the measurements, they compare the results with the 'average' growth expectancy and work the due date out on that.

    I happen to know the EXACT date my daughter was conceived, and even with these u/s dates, Nina was born smack bang on the 20th September!!!

    Don't fret, the date will probably change again as your babies growth pattern emerges. Babies are very rarely born exactly on the due date anyway! Sometimes they like to surprise us, sometimes they like to test our stamina by arriving two weeks late!!

    Hang in there and good luck.


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    Can you post us a link to your chart? It is possible you ovulated a tad later and the baby is measuring a couple of days behind which is all perfectly normal.

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    I'm in the same boat as BekZ. I was supposed to be 7w3d at my u/s last Wednesday but the baby was measuring 5w3d and there was no heartbeat. The u/s report said that it is a normal early intrauterine pregnancy but naturally I'm concerned....VERY concerned.

    The only thing I'm hopeful of is that I had a late implantation. My BFPs at 12, 13 and 14dpo were VERY faint, faint, faint and I didn't get a strong BFP until 17dpo at my doctor's office so perhaps my 12, 13 and 14dpo tests were in fact around 7, 8 and 9dpo?

    Anyway, I had blood taken on Friday for a beta and have to have more done early Monday morning. That will at least tell me if the numbers are doing what they should. And if not, I can then come to grips with the fact that it is over.


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    Good luck Lisa
    Hope your results come back & everything is fine.

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