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    Question Dating scans

    Hey guys.

    Next week i have to have a dating scan done... ive not had this before...

    Can any one tell me what it involves... and do they give you your EDD on the day or do i have to wait til i go back to my doctor?? Please tell me on the day

    I had an appt with my Dr today and he is pretty sure EDD will be 15/10 but sending me for a scan just to be sure. I wasnt to sure with dates considering ive pretty much only just given birth to DD (12 weeks ago now)!! LOL

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    pretty much in my experience -they will tell you and confirm based on babies measurements +/- a week/few days. They did this with me.
    They might not actually say the EDD but what age the baby is ... like you are e.g. 7weeks 2 days.

    They go by growth charts in millimeters/ measuring sac etc.
    It will most likely be an internal scan too if you are under 12 weeks.

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    heidi Guest


    Hi Kim, yep Trish is right. I went for my nuchal translucency scan today but it turns out i'm too early for it - so she did a dating scan instead. They measured bub and then told me the new due date on the spot. How exciting for you! You're lucky your 2 bubs will grow up together!! My sister and I are nearly that close in age - we loved it!

    I didn't have to get an internal scan done, but as with what Trish said, I think it might need to be internal before 8 weeks or something. She measured me at right on 11 weeks today.

    All the best for your scan

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    Yep, I would imagine that it would be an internal, but that's nothing to worry about. As Trish said they will likely tell you how far along you are on the day.

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    I had a dating scan at 6w3d, it was abdominal. We could see the sac, fetal pole and heart beat, therefore obviously they didn't need to do an internal one. However being that early the date of fetal pole was at 5w6d so it put my EDD back by 4 days. I think I was told they can be out +/- 5 days.

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    Hi Kim, congrats on your new bundle!

    I had a dating scan done on Saturday. The sac was measuring 7w2d (which was spot on for dates by my chart) and bubs was measuring 6w5d with a strong heartbeat of 150bpm. The sonographer said that they allow up to 5 days difference either side. The main thing was seeing a healthy heartbeat!

    She started out doing an external scan but she couldn't see very well as my bladder was squishing the sac LOL So she got me to empty my bladder to do an internal, and straight away we could see our little Bunny and her heartbeat fluttering away

    There's an ultrasound photo on Bunny's website if you're will give you an idea of what you'll be seeing


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    they will try external first unless u think u are b4 6 weeks but even at 6 weeks for me they couldn't see the heart beat untill they went internal... they told me how far i was ie 6 weeks and then when i got the print outs it had the edd on it

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    I had a dating scan done at around 6 weeks. They were able to do an external and give me measurements based on baby size and sac size. The sonographer was able to give me sizes as well as EDD and heartbeat. My dates ended up being out by a week out. So was due a week after we expected. Was even able to get a photo (see Squishys web site if you like). Depends on your body whether they have to go internal or not.
    Good luck and congrats

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    Belle, Bunny is so cute.... DH said 'what exactly am i looking at... that white blob bit'? LOL

    Im getting excited now....

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