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Thread: Diarrhea in early pregnancy?

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    LouLou7 Guest

    Default Diarrhea in early pregnancy?

    Hi, Sorry for the gross post

    Has anyone else had diarrohea in early pg?
    I have been pregnant twice and both times had diarrohea, nothing severe though and maybe twice a day?

    Someone told me to expect to be constipated with pg but I've never had that!
    Someone else told me it was a hormonal thing but then how come most women get constipated?

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    this is my first pregnancy and i noticed that i had diarrohea before i even knew i was pregnant and also on and off for the second month. even now, ending third month, at times they can be quite soft but not runny, sorry, (TMI). i read that it quite normal and that every body responds to pregnancy differently. also it could be due to a change in diet and excercise for the better as once you find out you are pregnant you normally 'try' to start eating better.

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    Fee Guest


    My OB and midwife said it's completely normal and can be very common in pregnancy (due to all the hormones).

    Although I've read to contact your OB if you have it for more than 3 days in a row.

    But if you get it now and then it's nothing to worry about.

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    julesy Guest


    my 'motions' have definately been looser, but not exactly diarheoa. I also expected constipation, I'd rather have loose though!!

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    Fraser Guest


    I've had the same thing - I put it down to de-toxing, no more chardy's, no more ciggies, no more fast food, no more soft cheese..... oh this is quite depressing..... (-:

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    Early on in this pg I had diarrorhea. I have heard it can be from your progesterone levels ircreasing.

    Make sure you keep your fluid intake up and if it gets worse go straight to your doctor.

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    Yes I have it too. Well not diarrhea, but things are definitely a lot looser

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