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    Anyone else getting really bad digestive pains? It feels like I swollowed a jar full of razor blades. I can't lay down or the room starts spinning, Im trying to force myself to eat because I think part of the pain is from that. I have the flu maybe its all the gunk from that? Or is it normal to have a screwy digestive system during preg? I havent eaten anything off I had toast yesterday and some chicken nuggets I dont think thats too leathal..

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    I'm having a shocking day of it today Celtic! I have been getting it every night at bed time and sometimes I'm doubled over in pain. Have you tried something like Mylanta or Enos? It helps take the edge off. Eating definitely helps too.

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    I just feel so sick I don't want to eat but I force myself to because I know I have to. I might invest in some mylanta i was told that fibre tablet ones are also good to help with your digestive system because sometimes it can be that? Even though I'm regular but its still killing me.

    I'm sorry to hear you are going through it to I wouldnt wish this on my worst enemy! *big comfort hugs*

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    I know exactly what you mean & its horrible. May be TMI but after a meal, i feel so gassy and cant stop burping, its sickening.

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    Hello Ladies,
    I had this really bad for the first couple of weeks after BFP. It has settled down tho which I think is just my body adapting to a more "sluggish" digestive system.

    Perhaps that is the reason for your problems too? LOL on the burping front, my DH has just about disowned me due to my roaring after a big drink or food!

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    I had no digestive pains till now I think its because my diet was uber mega healthy and now Im so sick and tired i cant be bothered cooking myself healthy food so I usually revert to toast, chicken nuggets or a burger from the takeaway shop (which actually aren't that unhealthy for you they have heaps of fresh salad on them better than maccas!). Im going to be all healthy and cook a chicken ceasar salad though Im determined!!

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    I know the gas really can be bothersome... I find that some food particular cause more gas in our body... Try to eliminate onion, garlic, brocoli, asparagus, milk (for certain ppl)... I have been having some digestive pain too (very mild) but are quite annoying as I never had such problems before. Everything in our body is slowing down so that there's more absorption going on... this is why we are having so much gas, bloating, and constipation.

    Drinking 8-10 glasses of fluid work very well for me. Also, try eating plenty of fruits and of course, don't forget to eat small meals frequently rather than eating a "Normal" meal... After you eat, try doing some light exercise. these are tricks which really helped me for the past week....

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    Thanks for the advice carmen, i had a chicken caesar salad for dinner was so yummo wasnt sick at all

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