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Thread: discharge - pink clumps at 8 weeks

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    Default discharge - pink clumps at 8 weeks

    hi - does anyone know what small light pinkish clumps/ clots could be? it is so upsetting to see when i go to the loo...

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    Go and see your doctor-now if you can! It might be nothing, but it might be something more. either way, definitely go and see someone. Do you have accompanying stomach cramps?

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    I agree, it is most likely to be nothing but for your peace mind it may be an idea to just get it checked out.

    Take care

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    thanks - i am due to get an u/s anyway on tuesday, so i have to get through two more nights and one more day. i'll call the GP tomorrow, but i know i have to just wait this out. everyone says that pinkish discharge can be normal dont they?

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    As long as it doesnt turn to full blown bleeding, you are ok i would think.

    I hope its all ok for you!! If you feel crampy or it gets heavier head to the Dr. But otherwise yeah, wait til your scan on tuesday. Hugs to you!

    Take care

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    I hope you are holding up well. Something similar happened to me in my first trimester with Danielle. Ater DTD I had some light pink MC. The doctor said it was a burst blood vessel (how embarassed was I!!) and it was perfectly normal to have it as heaps of blood is flowing around there and if one gets a bit full and with a bit of pressure - pop!! It's not serious at all.

    Hugs to you - if it helps - I've had it again this pregnancy already too. Let us know how you go.

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