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Thread: Dizzy!!!

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    Default Dizzy!!!

    This is my third pregnancy but the first time that i feel so dizzy nearly all day. Sometimes i feel so dizzy i have to lay down. It makes me feel so sick.

    Is this normal?

    What are the causes?

    What can i do to ease it?

    Thanks Heaps


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    i have been getting the same on and off. some days will be really bad.
    I am thinkin it is prob low blood pressure, im gonna ask the doc when i go back next week

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    Nikki, dizziness can be caused by alteration in blood pressure. You can to discuss this issue with your doctor if dizziness is becoming a problem. ALthough some pregnant women do experience dizziness during the course of their pregnancy, it is best to mention this issue to your doctor! Hope you have a H&H pregnancy!

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    Hi Nikki

    I too have had a bit of dizziness and also sometimes see stars if i move too suddenly. I told my midwife about it and she said it is just caused by changes in blood pressue. She said to make sure i dont stand up too quickly or bend over too suddenly. Apart form that she said it is normal but if it got any worse to let them know.
    Perhaps if your is all day it might be best to tell your doctor.
    I hope it eases up for you soon.

    Take care


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    I had this early on too. But I don't think its anything to worry about. Changes to blood volume & pressure things like that. Check with the doc just to be sure though.

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