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    Default Dr visit today..

    My doctors on holiday so I had to see his temp replacement. I told her I was pregnant and got a "and?", I said "well aren't you going to bleed me for tests?" and she asked "what for?". I also asked if she was going to take my weight and do a blood count etc and she said there was no need, she didnt do blood pressure or any form of examination. Instead I got a piece of paper giving me blood tests and urine tests for every STD under the sun...

    I also said I have been known to be prone to thrush in the past (antibiotics etc) and whether the treatments were safe to take as they say not to if you are preg but the chemist said they were fine, she just stared at me blankly while I had to explain what thrush was and am getting tested for diabetes because of it??? She couldn't answer me of when I would need a scan, how and when can you tell if it's ectopic or when they know if it's multiples (twins are insanely strong in ALL sides of family).

    Is that all they are supposed to do once preg is confirmed? Just test for every STD under the sun and rubella?Should I go see someone else till my doc comes back?

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    Sorry to hear you had a disappointing first appointment. Mine ws very similar, all the antibody tests, referal for 12wk scan (NT scan) and told me to come back after the scan. Are you staying with this doc for all of your pg care? How long until your doc come back?

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    With my first pregnancy they sent me for all those tests and a ultrasound. The ultrasound was completely useless cos they couldnt see anything because it was too early. Medicare only cover u for 1 ultrasound in the first half of pregnancy and 1 in the second half (god bless Johny Howard) so when I went for my 12 week and then 18 week I had to pay the whole lot. The doctor did seem ticked off with me about not turning up sooner to see her about the pregnancy (i was about 8 weeks). So when I feel pregnant the second time I knew exactly when the baby was concieved so I didn't really need the ultrasound. I'm booked in for the 12 week one. If u know exactly when u concieved there isnt really any need for the ultrasound I guess. I know how u feel though. I was thinking about going back to the doctors last week and asking for the ultrasound. I suggest u might go back to your doctor and talk with them about your pregnancy. It will give u piece of mind. The tests that u had done are the usual bloods they run when u get pregnant so at least your doctor did something right.

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    My proper doctor comes back in three weeks time. I was just more hoping to have my fears and questions addressed a little more adequately than being told she didn't know and there were plenty of books out there to buy about it all, that really miffed me as she is a MEDICAL PRACTICTIONER and it's not like I was asking for the rate of osmosis in the placenta or something lol. I asked what scans were required and when and what they would be for, she just stared at me blankly and asked why i wanted to know. Was just a bit distressing was really hoping for some reassuring information.

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    Its a bit scary you had to explain what thrush is OMG! And I agree, the doctor should have just answered your questions without questioning why you were asking.

    I didnt have any tests done (my doc said it wasnt needed to confirm the pregnancy) until about 10 weeks, and they were just the boring standard tests to find out blood count, blood type and if i have any diseases, and that i am indeed pregnant. When I booked into the hospital, they sent me a list of tests to get done, which i took to my doc (GP) and he did them. When I got my blood taken for the tests my doc told me I could have an NT scan but that alot of people dont bother. He didnt give me a referal, I got this from the midwife at my hospital.

    I hope you get some better reasurance and answers from your usual doctor soon.

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    I didn't know medicare didn't cover you for more than 2 ultrasounds. Do you know if you have a healthcare card or private insurance if you are covered for more? I suppose they do that to stop paranoid people from going every other week like I would probably be tempted to hehe.

    Least it makes you appreciate the doctor you have a bit more I suppose, he (my normal doc)was the first to listen to me when I said "no I'm not just whinging my periods ARE agony" and straight to a specialist after being told for the last 7 years it was normal and to get over it... Also was the first to pick up on my gallstones and get me ultrasound and referred without hesitation.

    That was another thing she said that if I wanted surgery for gallstones I would have to wait till I was over 12 weeks and out of the "danger" period but then said the radiation they used to flush the stones after would kill it anyway? Confuzzling..

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    i have had two ultrasounds one at 6 and one at 8 wks both refered from dr and covered by medicare

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    I was told by another doctor on Friday I do not need an ultrasound till 20 week mark and all shall be well, but have read otherwise, very confuzzled will just see how I go

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