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Thread: Drink lots of milk ladies!!!!!!!!!

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    Default Drink lots of milk ladies!!!!!!!!!

    Trust me!!!! im proof you need heaps of calcium when your pregnant.
    You might hear it over and over again.. people advising you to drink milk.. well they are totally right!
    My sis in law and hubby used to constantly lecture me about not drinking enough milk

    i wish i had of listened to them!!! A couple of months ago i was eating a sausage sizzle and i bit down on something hard with my back laft grinder teeth. It was soooo painful!! Anyway many months on i have been having constant pain in that particular spot. Last week i was playing around with my tooth and it fell apart!!!!!! :eek: i know that sounds horrible but half of it just came apart! Apparently when u are pregnant your teeth are drained of calcium and become quite fragile. So my advice to you all is to keep up your milk intake! Dont be a statistic like me! hehe now i have to go to the dentist and pay up lots of $$$$ to get it fixed grrrr
    no seriously drink lots of milk because not only is it really good for you but it will keep your teeth nice and strong

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    Amber, that is such great advice!

    I have heard so many horror stories about women losing teeth whilst pg, ending up with easily broken bones, etc...all due to not enough calcium!

    Apparently bubs starts to draw the calcium out of your own bones and teeth if you don't provide enough whilst they're growing :eek:

    I think it's recommended that you start to increase your calcium intake during the third trimester but I've already started! LOL Luckily I love my milk so I have no problem drinking up to a litre every day

    Thanks again for the great advice and I hope your teeth are fixed very soon!


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    you can also take calcium supplements

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    I agree, great advise, I love milk fortunately but take calcium as well as it helps with leg cramps during pg. Basically, my understanding is that the babies growing calcium needs has top priority and the mother's needs come second.

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    Despite popular opinion, pre-born babies cannot actually 'drain' the calcium out of your teeth and fave pregnancy book (Dr. Miriam Stoppard) states 'there is no way of extracting calcium from the teeth. However, the high levels of progesterone that are produced during pregnancy will make the margins of the gums aroudn the teeth soft and spongy, predisposing them to infection.'
    I've been taking calcium supplements....big tablets but worth it I guess!

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