thread: Due Date Confusion. Any help appreciated

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    Aug 2004

    Due Date Confusion. Any help appreciated

    I have a little confusion going on here.

    Going by my LMP i am due the 23rd March

    Going by the sonographer I am due 1 April.

    Going by Dr I am due 27th March

    now I am officially going crazy.

    Now the only time me and DH baby danced was the 1st of July.

    So something doesnt add up.

    Anyone have any ideas when on earth I am due?????????

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    If you add 38wks (making it a 40wk pregnancy from you LMP if you have a 28day cycle) from the time you BD it says March 24.

    Were your cycles longer than 28 days?

    Doctors will go by your LMP anyway unless you have a longer than normal cycle.

    Love :hbeat:

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    Aug 2004
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    Your baby was conceived on my 30th Birthday !!!!!

    How damn confusing for you, it`s what Leah and I were talking about a few days ago how you get so many dates and end up confused.

    At the moment all I`m going on is my LMP and I know within a few days when we conceived so if I get dates all over the place like you I`m asking how do they come up with these dates when I know when I conceived.

    I`m not much help I know but do wonder why they can give you different dates.

    Take Care


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    I know how confusing this all must be for you. I just wanted to let you know that the same thing happened with my 2 daughters.

    Shannen was supposedly due:

    Dr said 2 Nov U/S guy said 12 Nov

    I said 1 Nov

    She was born 27 October

    Tayla was supposedly due:

    Dr said 17 May U/S guy said 22 May

    I said 5 May

    She was born 23 April

    I have since changed OBs and this time, they have both agreed on the date for the first time ever....24 April. Although I already know that I will be 2-3 wks early as I am having a c-section.

    I guess this little one will be a surprise whenever he/she arrives. You will have to let us know the date. LOL

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    Leah Guest

    Deeanne and myself were only talking about this last week.
    I know how confusing it can be getting all different dates as it happened to me with my first pregnancy.
    I knew the date of my LMP and going by that it worked out to be the 23 July 2002.
    Here is a list of the dates I was given
    * First Dr appt - 23 July 2002
    * First midwives appt- 26 July 2002
    * First scan - 13th August 2002
    * Second scan - 18th August 2002
    After all of that confusion Aaron arrived after 21 long hours on 8th August 2002.
    Try not to worry to much as the bubby will only come when it's ready, wether that be on 23rd March or 1st April( April fools bub, how sweet)
    Take care Leah.

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    Aug 2004

    Thanks ladies

    I just hate the fact that I know we only did the deed that one night and that there was no hanky panky since three weeks before that or until after I found out I was pregnant.

    DH had a work injury so I am absolutely positive of all that. He is a big baby when it comes to being sick or sore and I know there is no way he would of let me near him lmao

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    Aug 2004

    Kayla, if you definately know that was the date you concieved, then I would say what you work out is spot on.

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    Leah Guest

    LumpyLove sounds to me you are 100% sure and no-one knows better then you do about when you concieved . I'd go with the date you worked it out to be. Hope DH is on the improve. Is this your first bubby?


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    Leah Guest

    Well have I got pregnant brain or what sorry LumpyLove. Of course this isn't your first your onto number 3. Good on you.

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    Have you ever seen that movie with hugh grant and robin williams (Robin williams plays some Russian doctor) and at the consult the doctor tells the couple "ok you concieved this date" and the guy gets all mad and says "its not mine, I was on a business trip!" and then the woman gets hysterical and crys (I recommend watching it, its funny and you can probably relate to the pregnancy symptoms). The thing is unless you were abducted by alieans in the middle of the night who inseminated you, theres no way you could have conceieved any time other than within 1-5 days from the night you were together. So that should solve your problem. The other thing is that most babies arrive early or later than their due dates, hardly any arrive on the day. Also full term is considered anything from 37-42 weeks so if you even narrow it down to within a week or so of knowing you should be good.