thread: Dying Hair

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    Mar 2005

    Dying Hair

    I've heard that it's not a good idea to dye/bleach hair early in your pregnancy. Can anyone confirm this? If so when is it safe?

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    There is no specific reasearch done on this unfortunately but website Ob Dr. Nick Lolatgis says it's perfectly fine. I've done my hair in both pregnancies and had no problems.
    Kelly xx

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    Mar 2005

    Thanks so much!!!!!

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    My OB told me that "hair dying in pregnancy is about as toxic as brushing your teeth......." so I would say go for it!!

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    My hairdresser last night told me that it was fine to dye your hair, but to avoid bleaching near the roots!

    Love Gwen xx

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    I bleached and dyed my hair many times during my pg... with no adverse effects.

    We have also had many threads on this subject before, so if you do a Search for 'hairdying during pregnancy' you are likely to come up with a few results, if you are keen to read a lot more opinions about it.

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    im a hairdresser and even though i know that its probably ok to colour my hair, im just going to change over to foils during my pregnancy. this way the chemicals arent touching my scalp. im probably being over cautious because i am in contact with a lot more of these kinds of chemicals than most people.
    i would definately colour my pregnant clients hair without questioning their choice but i always mention that some people dont feel comfortable doing it and occasionally the colour does not react the same way as it normally would due to the change in hair texture and condition. (some people may be oilier or drier or their hair may thicken which can give the illusion of darker results)
    in the days of perming, we always warned our pregnant clients that their wave may not be even as hormonal changes cant be predicted.
    having said all that, and even though im not putting colour on my own skin, i would agree that its ok to do it but just not for me personally. (you know, because im sooo exposed to it already) just try and fan away the fumes with a magazine or something as i read that they are not ok to breathe in. (again this might be ok if its only done once every 30days when your colour might need refreshing)
    strangely, even though im so cautious with hair colouring, im still using skin products that are a bit illegal in the world of pregnancy. 8-[


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    Nov 2004

    I avoid chemicals where I can during pg and I decided not to dye my hair during pg either. It definately needs doing but I will wait until I have had my baby. It is a personal choice.