Hi everyone, My husband and I have been TTC for a little over 16months. My periods have been irregular this whole time. I was expecting them about 14 days ago and they didn't arrive. I didn't think much of it, just thought it was going to be a longer cycle this month. The average for the past 6 months has been 34 days so I waited. I thought about taking a test but told myself to wait and try not to stress about them as I know that can delay them. Anyway, the short story is I took a test, it came up positive almost straight away. We went to the DR the next afternoon and had a blood test. My HCG levels were 1990 and DR confirmed I was about 5 weeks pregnant. We spent the next few days in shock and surprise. My DR wanted to check the HCG levels again a few days later and they came back 9567 which we were really happy with. I've noticed my breasts feel fuller but nothing else so far. I've kind of had some cramps each day but maybe they aren't cramps they are just stomach pain? I feel really bloated as well - anyone know why or how to relieve? Today I went to the toilet and had some brownish with a small bit of pinky red spotting, it seemed to die off throughout the day and the first sighting was the worst but it really didn't look that bad. I was worried cause it's kind of what I would get a week before my periods were due. I've read that you can get spotting around the time your period are due, but mine were due nearly 2 weeks ago. I have an appointment with my DR in a weeks time for the next check up and was thinking I woud just mention it to her then, unless it happens again.

This is our first pregnancy and I have a lot of questions! For eg, I read somewhere that you shouldn't vacuum. Has anyone else heard this? What exactly are cramps in the stomach? Mine kind of feel like period pain, but they're not major. I still walk and get on with my day but I do touch my stomach alot. Maybe cause I still can't believe it. I'm 6 weeks at the moment and am really anxious about if/when morning sickness will kick in. Especially since it takes me an hour to get to work on public transport (train). I don't really fancy throwing up on the train! I've told myself if I start to feel even a little bit queasy in the morning before leaving for work I'd stay home for the day and work remotely. My ideal would be to work from home for the next 6 weeks! Somehow I dont think that is going to happen. Does anyone have any advice about how to not think about if and when m/s will happen? or how to deal if it does happen on my way to work?

thanks for much for reading this far!