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Thread: Early scan?

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    Default Early scan?


    Just a quick Q about early pregnancy scans.
    Im more curious as to what you see when you have one say about 7 weeks?
    Obviously the baby will not look like a baby yet, i really just want to know as to prepare myself when we go, i have never had an early one before and i keep expecting we are going to see a fully formed baby!

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    Think of a big prawn........I know that is not complimentary, but I am looking at all my early scans right now for you and all 3 look like prawns......curled up........but in the right spot........LOL!

    The best way to think of it is 1. Is it in the right place 2. Is there a nice heartbeat? Rather than expecting to see anything exciting, IYKWIM?

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    I had a scan @ 7 weeks and 6 days. From my pic the best way to describe it is like a large longish jelly bean shape with a lovely grey patch in the middle which was Em's heart LOL. Did you ever find those clear jellyfish thingos at the beach when you were younger?? (I have no idea what they are LOL we were told Jellyfish spawn.. but that sounds so wrong now that I'm older) but anyway it reminds me of them LOL.

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    I had one at 6w6d and it looked like the shape of a long peanut with a beating heart.
    It was strange to see as I had always had scans where you saw a baby moving around, but when I saw that heartbeat it was awesome.Now we call the baby our little peanut.

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    You see a blob, maybe a heartbeat (if you know what you're looking for). Check out Liebling's website (click on the word Liebling in my siggy) for my baby's 8w-ish scan; it doesn't look like a baby at all! Just a blob with a tiny quivering thing you're told is the heart. SiL had the same bloby pic for her early scan, she was about 9w for that one.

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    I had an u/s at 10 weeks and my baby got three descriptions from three seperate people....
    1. a peanut (charming DH)
    2. A jelly bean (ignorant little sister)
    3. An axolotial (work friend comedian)

    It will depend on the position of the bubba at the time but like someone else has already said, it is more to see the heartbeat and sac.... hopefully the sonographer will point the heart beat out for you.

    Good luck!


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    You will be so excited and relieved when you see that little heart beating that yours will be the most gorgeous jellybean, peanut, blobby thing there ever was!
    I look forward in a few weeks to hearing your idea of what your baby looks like!

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    i have had an early scan, one at 5 weeks where you couldnt see much at all and one last week, which was 7 weeks and 3 days. Check out my pics on the link below, I have posted them there. It has been interesting to see it from an early stage and as this is my first, I am very excited to see what 12 weeks looks like.
    We have to have another scan on Friday, which will be 8w 6days, as at our last scan the thought there was something wrong. my GP said last night that it has abnormal soft tissue growth around the head area, similar to that of cojoined twins, however there is only one heart beat. He said most of the time it turns out that its nothing, so thats why we are having another peak. Cross fingers its ok. Will post scan results up.

    All in all, I love looking at my baby

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