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Thread: Eating out question??

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    Default Eating out question??

    Some of my friends are going out for lunch today and I don't know what I should do.

    It will be at a sushi restaurant however I will order a meal (chicken teriyaki yum). I am just wondering about the rice which they obviously cook in big batches and leave in a rice cooker. Is this safe to eat?? My hubby doesn't think I should so I am thinking to give lunch a miss altogether but would really like to go out for a Friday lunch.

    Any advice please.

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    From my understanding rice is fine... I was eating left over rice dishes the next day at work and I never found any problems with this what so ever...
    The only thing that you should really stay away from is the sushi itself... but as you are having yummmy chicken teriyaki there shouldnt be any problem I would think... and specially if it is a resturant... if it were a little shopping centre take away joint you might want to be worried!!
    Good luck and enjoy your lunch!! Once bub comes you wont get many oppurtunities to get out for a relaxing lunch with the girls!


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    i have been eating sushi rolls for lunch lately (i get it from a busy place where i know the chicken is cooked fresh daily), and if that's ok (which it is according to "what to expect when expecting", then i don't think there would be any danger in rice at all..
    the danger is when cooked chicken has been sitting around for ages (like in lunch bars where they have the chopped up chicken to put in sandwiches - you don't know how long it's been there for!!)...

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    Rice is actually one of the worst foods for bacteria, but as it's at a restaurant you should be fine...
    I'd not have the sushi though, but chjicken teriyaki is fine & with hot rice will be fine.

    My DH always cook rice & the refrigerates it to heat up as he takes it to lunch or adds to his main meals etc (like Hamburgers instead of a bun & salad he will have it with rice & salad!?)
    I have eaten lots of his curries with rice that was cooker a day or so ago...
    I have also been to numerous restaurants & had corries etc with rice!

    I am craving curry big time at the moment!!!

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    I eat Japanese/Thai/Vietnamese all the time and have rice. I occassionally eat sushi too, just not raw salmon, tuna etc... If it is from a restaurant and doesn't seem 'dodgy' it should be fine. My attitude is, if it doesn't look, smell or taste right, I don't eat it. That is with all food. I wouldn't eat reheated takeaway food though. I am 22 weeks pg and all has been fine so far during this pg.

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