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    Yes me again... with another question.

    According to the doctor my EDD is 7th October. I googled due date calculators and this figure comes up if i put in a 28 day cycle, which from my past cycles i am not. I think I o'd around 18th Jan which some other calculators work out from o date which calculates my edd as 11th October. I am confused as to what my actual edd is because if i go off what my doctor has said then that means I will be six weeks on Sunday but if i go off the o date then i am 5 weeks and one day today.

    I actually think the edd of 11th October is more correct according to my cycles.

    What does everyone else think?

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    Id say wait til you have a scan done.... not sure...but maybe u can ask for a dating scan (think thats what they not sure, as i knew my exact dates and i was always 28 days without fail). Maybe go in between and say EDD 9th?? lol

    Sorry....i hope u get an answer!

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    Hi Natalie, I wouldn't worry too much about it as they say 2 weeks either side is of this date is really the normal window. When you have a scan they will give you a bit better idea anyway. Congrats on your pregnancy

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    Hi Natalie and Congrats on the pregnancy.

    I would ask for a dating scan to confirm dates. My cycles aren't the usual 28days either so working out my EDD for this one was fun. However, I had a dating scan on Wed which showed that I was 6w6d. This changed my EDD from the 21st Sept to the 28th Sept.
    I wouldn't worry too much about the exact date tho as most babies don't always arrive on their due date.
    Good luck and congrats again

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