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    Just wondering if anyone has any tips for increasing energy levels.

    I'm only just over 5 weeks but I feel really tired. I work full time and I study full time externally as well. I get home from work and just want to have a nap and am finding it very difficult to push myself to do a few hours' study each night.

    Hints like decreasing work and study load aren't do-able, but I was wondering if there was anything I could take that might help. Have my first appointment on Tuesday so I can ask then, but I thought some of the ladies on here might have some ideas.

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    All I can say is that the tiredness will pass. You might have to have a nap after work and then do some study. I also found eating helped! I didn't take anything for energy, so can't help you with that, but im sure others will have some ideas xo

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    I am having heaps of problems with low energy. I am taking it really easy because I keep fainting, but I have continued working, although I have dropped a few hours. I also have a toddler at home so its not easy because I can't get her to sleep just whenever I'm tired. So I do go to bed early, I drink 2-3 litres of water a day. I take pregnancy multivitamens and I eat higher energy foods. I make sure that I eat more protein and carbs than I normally do to help increase my energy levels.


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    Quote Originally Posted by webbmeg
    All I can say is that the tiredness will pass.
    It hasn't for me!!!

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    Hi Snod.

    I was told by my doc to eat more low GI foods when tired (eg. Stone Fruits, grapes, strawberries, veges (but not potato) and lots of milk for calcium. Eat more fruit and more veges in the day too. Vitamin B is great every morning too. Go to bed earlier than usual.


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    I have been just so exhausted, i've been going to bed at about 7 or 8pm every night! Last night was the first night in weeks where I stayed up late with dh. I think the fatigue is finally passing, thank goodness! O

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