thread: EWCM? is this normal?

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    Jun 2005
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    EWCM? is this normal?

    Hi there,
    just a quick question as i think im losing my mind.
    Las night when i wiped i had a big glob of EWCM! i didnt think much of it until i worked out that if i wasnt pregnant i would be ovulating about now so i dont know whats going on!
    Has anyone else ever had this?
    Am i really pregnant? i keep going and looking at my BFP's just to make sure but surely i cant be getting EWCM could i?

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    Jun 2003

    Your mucous does very strange things at the start of pregnancy, what looks like EWCM may be something completely different. With all the hormonal changes in the first few weeks it does go through alot of different changes, and then again through different stages of pregnancy. Try not to worry, I'm sure its just pregnancy related.



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    Sal Guest

    Hi there, I found I had EWCM around 4-5w too. It is an early pg symptom. I was like you, very confused by it, except I hadn't done a pg test yet. Take it as a good healthy sign!!!

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    getinmybelly!! Guest

    I think your body produces mucous as a sort of 'plug' for the cervix. It could just be 'over production'. I still get mucous type of stuff occasionally.

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    BellyBelly Member

    Feb 2004

    I've been getting a bit of it too - didn't realise it was actually a symptom, so I am glad to hear it is normal!

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    mooshie Guest

    hi dee

    try not to worry love.

    with my first prg's i had none at all but with lani i had heaps, absolutely heaps and it basically went all the way through prg. it did dry up a little but came back again towards the end. i guess just another joyous symptom of being prg lol.