thread: Exercise =- how much is TOO much??

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    Dec 2004

    Exercise =- how much is TOO much??

    Hi Guys,

    I have a question re. exercising in the early stages of pg. I'm not actually pg yet, although AF looks like she is late this month, so I'm hoping for a BFP...
    Anyway, I've just signed up for my 3rd month of 'bootcamp' (a 3 days a week group exercise session on the beach - fairly rigorous exercise, including running on the sand, pushups, squats, lunges etc). I'm fairly fit, but I am doing it to lose some weight, and so far it is working!
    However - do you reckon this type of exercise could be harmful to a baby if I was pregnant? Could it cause a miscarriage? I've no idea how fragile the little guys are... I'd be grateful for any advice!

    Thanks, Bertie x

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    Aug 2004

    Hi Bertie,
    TTC and losing weight are probably two things that dont go too well together. I guess you might have to make a decision, do you want to fall preggers, or do you want to be smaller. Unless you are grossly overweight, I can't see the problem in carrying a bit extrta when TTC. (When I say a bit, I mean about 10-20kg over)
    I was exercising fairly often until about 3 months, and then often until about 5 months pg playing netball. But my body was used to it, and after I fell pregnant, there were changes in my body that made me start to slow down. Specially the cramps in my tummy at 3am after 2 games of netball, and the nauseous feeling that comes along when you have done too much.
    I would suggest that its probably not a great idea to be putting the body through a boot camp - regular exercise that youa re used to should be no problem for the first few months, but anything strenuous could over-tax your body.
    There's no surprise that after 3 months of TTC our baby eventually "stuck" when we were on holiday in Vietnam.
    At then end of the day, its your call, but maybe take it a bit easier? And I certainly wouldn't be excessively dieting if you are TTC.
    Hope that helps,

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    Jul 2004
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    I used to go to 'Pregnastics' at my hospital. It was basically aerobics, pliates, stretching etc for pg women.
    The physio's that took our class always made us take our heatrate, and they said it is good to aim for between 120bpm and 140bpm, but NOT over 140.

    I would suggest talking to your Dr about it Bertie... as sometimes they do not recommend very high impact excercises during any stages of pg.
    Is it possible to take it a bit slower at bootcamp?

    I agree with Fi, I think it depends how overweight you are as to whether it will affect TTC. I have heard of some ppl only falling pg after they have lost weight, but they were quite overweight to begin with.
    And I myself only fell pg after I had gained a few kilos as I was underweight before pg.

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    Dec 2004

    Hi Guys,

    Thanks for your advice - looks like I will have to give up the bootcamp and take up some more lower-impact exercise. Unfortunately, there's no such thing as taking it easy at bootcamp! It is fun though...

    Anyway, I went home yesterday and took a HPT, and got a BFP!!! Two big strong lines... I'm still in shock, can't quite take it in yet... we had been TTC for nearly a year (a bit half-heartedly for the first few months), but then I just got too bored thinking about it all the time and mentally switched off from the whole thing, and - hey presto!

    So I am off to the doctor this avo to have it confirmed. I still haven't told my DH yet - guess I needed some time to let it sink in, and he was out yesterday evening anyway, so didn't want to tell him when it was all going to be a rush. Any ideas on how to break the news??

    Looking forward to sharing lots more pg discussion...
    Bertie x

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    squeeze Guest

    WOW! Bertie, just wanted to say a huge congratulations to you and DH! That is wonderful news, especially considering how long you've been TTCing.

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    Feb 2005

    That's wonderful news Bertie ~ congratulations!

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    Debbie Lee Guest

    Wow Bertie! Congratulations!
    Just on the subject, I wanted to share what happened with me. When we decided to start TTC, I was doing weight watchers. I ended up losing 17kgs over the first year and still wasn't pregnant. That summer, I fell off the wagon. I started working full time as a Primary Teacher so I found it hard to keep track of the points and I was bored of the whole program. All excuses, I know!! Anyway, I put about 10kgs back on (or there-abouts) and got a BFP. As it turns out, my weight had nothing to do with why we weren't conceiving. My DH had a low sperm count. So, there you go. Sometimes weight really doesn't factor in to the equation!!
    In saying that, now that you have your BFP, I wouldn't let it stop you from exercising esp. if you are a relatively fit person to begin with. Sometimes things like m/s, cramps etc. will stop you from doing what you want anyway. From the 2nd Trimester, I couldn't go on long walks because my ligaments would just ache the whole time. It was a pain in the bum!! Best of luck with your pregnancy!!

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    Aug 2004
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    Congratulations Bertie!!! To you and your DH.

    I was told by my doctor to not do any weight training now I am pregnant but to keep my exercise to swimming, just to keep fitness levels up.

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    Nov 2004
    Giving the gift of life to a friend..

    Personally any exercise is too much, I am just not very motivated!!! hee hee!

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    Jul 2004
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    Congrats on your pregnancy Bertie!! All the best for a H&H one!!

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    Dec 2004

    Thanks everyone - it's just beginning to sink in!

    I went to see the Dr yesterday - he said I shouldn't stop doing anything - even bootcamp and weight-training! Although, he did say not to overdo it, but as long I wasn't pushing myself to the point of exhaustion or feeling light-headed etc, then it was fine. With weight-training, there are some exercises which are no-no's, e.g. weight-bearing squats. Otherwise, the basic message was 'don't stint on anything, especially not exercise or food'

    However, I guess it does depend on the person, so it's probably best to get advice from the Dr. I'm not hugely overweight (only wanted to lose another 3-4kgs), but having lost 13kgs last year (I did Weight Watchers too, bieleemorris), I really appreciate the value of exercise, and after all it is a great stress buster!

    Now I'm beginning to sound like a total fitness freak, which is SOOO not me, so I'd better stop here...

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    colleeg Guest

    wow Bertie congratulations,
    dont they always say once you start to plan something ie bootcamp when TTC you alwasy fall pregnant!!!!!

    wel this is awesome! welcome on board and keep us updated.


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    Congratulations Bertie!!