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Thread: Exposed to measles????

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    Cool Exposed to measles????

    Hi, I have had to work in another team for an hour and a half today and was chatting to one of the team members who told me one of his kids has the measles. Given that he is not the person who has it, could it be likely that I could have been exposed? Any information on this would be appreciated. As I am worrying out of my brains, more so than usual!

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    Possibly?, because he has been exposed to his kids. I'm not sure though, it depends how it is spread and I'm not 100% sure.

    Give your GP/OB/midwife a call, they will be best able to advise you.

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    Are you immunised?? Are you currently pregnant?? Are you trying to get pregnant?? I guess if you are immunised (or have had measles before) then you should be at less of a risk. Check with your GP if you are concerned.

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    Default Measles

    Sorry I should have given more details. I'm 11 weeks pregnant. I am immunised though it isn't high as I was advised to get immunised after I had the baby. Though my OB said that it would be sufficient. I might try calling tomorrow to get some peace of mind. If I don't catch it does that mean that I'm in the clear?

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