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Thread: faint hpt lines

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    Default faint hpt lines

    did anyone else get faint hpt lines from one brand but nothing from another brand?

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    That is possible, as different tests have different sensitivities. if you go to my blog I have a list of HPT sensitivities if you don't know what your brands were.

    Did you use the same urine? as this can have a massive effect too.

    if you got a faint line... that's great and it sounds like congratulations is in order...

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    Yes its quite possible for a range of reasons (test sensitivity, time of day, urine qaulity - ie if its been diluted if you have been drinking lots of water just before testing then it can alter result, how many days post ovulation you are etc etc).

    Best thing would be to retest tomorrow morning using FMU (first morning urine). And then again a couple of days after that to be sure... but im hoping its a whooo hoo and congrats for you sweets

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    I found the digital HPT the best......i tried that with this bub #2. For DD i used a clearblue..... both worked did give me what i wanted a

    Congrats if its a +ve!

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    Sure did. One brand stood out for me which was always BFP from very early on pregnosis clear.
    Another brand i always got BFN and another brand was a mixture of very faint BFP or BFN.
    i found the ones that said can be tested before AF better as they are more sensitive.

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    Yep same thing happened to me and even the test that did show up very faint didn't show anything until 3 weeks after I had missed my period so I had no idea what was going on. I think the best bet is if u having any kind of reading what so ever, to just go and have the blood test.

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