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Thread: A few Q's - Discharge and Cramps

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    Default A few Q's - Discharge and Cramps

    Hi all,

    Just 2 questions:

    Has anyone else's discharge died down a little @ 11 weeks? I had the norm yesterday and today there really has been any. I am not paranoid.....yet LOL but I have also been having slight achey sensation really low. I had this weeks ago and its probably just everything moving around again and making more room as my little bud grows.

    Anyway, if anyone can sheed some light that would be lovely

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    Hi Flossie

    Your discharge will change throughout your pregnancy. And it will change at different times for different women. Providing that any discharge does not smell bad then there is nothing to worry about. The achey feeling you are getting is also normal. During your pregnancy you will get many ache’s, pains, cramps, and other annoying sensations, most of which will come and go as your pregnancy progresses.

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    HI belly buddie... Mine changes daily sometimes during the day some days i have heaps and others not so much... And with the achy pains i have been getting them too... It feels tired and sometimes stretchy feeling i had it yesterday afternoon very tiring and worrying but i just tried to rest for a bit and that helped... Bubba im sure is just making more room as he/she is getting bigger by the day.. YAY we are 11 weeks taken ages to get to here it feels....

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    Hi, I agree with Janeo. It varies day to day. The pains could be strecthing of the ligaments. I felt that as well, though it is hard not to worry. Take it easy when you feel the crampy sensations.

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    Flossie, I have found that my cm is also changing and some days there will be lots and other days hardly any. every now and then I get a little pain low down. Its not really painful for me, just a wierd feeling actually.

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