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Thread: First Ante-natal Appointment

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    Question First Ante-natal Appointment

    Hi everyone,

    just wanting to find out what I should expect at my first ante-natal appointment. Will they do another ultasound? .



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    I saw midwives throughout my pregnancy. My first proper antenatal appointment wasnt until 20 weeks and was pretty quick. They just took my blood pressure, felt my uterus, tried to listen for bubs heart (couldnt find it) and measured fundal height, and answered the questions I asked. No ultrasound at that appointment. Ultrasoud was done at a seperate appointment at about 19 weeks.

    I also had a booking in appointment at 10 weeks - just went through my medical history and took blood pressure. I didnt have an ultrasound then either.

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    My first appointment at the hospital is when I'm 12 weeks. The letter I got from the hospital said that the first appointment (booking in) is just for medical history etc. My GP is going to write me a referral for an ultrasound so that I can have one before I go.

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    The first prenatal visit for me for when I found out I was pregnant since my Ob made sure I was on prenatal vitamins. Then, my next apt is at week 12 which then will be doing a blood test and NT test to test for any fetal anomalies. Other than that, my next apt is said to be around week 19 for another u/s! Unless you have ran into some complications, your OB/GP doesn't really have to see you!

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