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    Hi everyone, I'm brand new here *big wave*!! I've been reading the threads for about a week now (since I found out I'm pregnant). It's lovely to have a community in which to share thoughts and questions.

    I had my first ultrasound today, just for dating purposes. I thought I might have been about 7 weeks but am only just nudging 5 weeks.

    This is my second pregnancy and so different already! When pregnant with my son Lachie(now 3 and a half years old), I didn't know I was pregnant until 8 weeks along, didn't show until I was about 4 months along and I had a smooth, troublefree ride, relatively easy labour too - was only in labour for 4 hours. This time tho, my stomach has already popped (I look about 4 months preggers!), morning (afternoon & evening) sickness has well and truly hit and more often than not I feel like a baby elephant!

    I asked around at work today and the general consensus is that most women in their 2nd and more pregnancies are feeling the effects more than they did with their first ones. Anyone else here confirm? I still don't understand why my belly has 'popped' already!


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    Hi Tarni and welcome to BB
    Don't worry about your belly popping so soon. You could get out of bed in the morning and find it has gone down again. Each and every pregnancy a woman has is usually different than the other. For some women the second pregnancy can be a relatively easy time while others suffer through the pregnancy.

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    Hi Tarni,

    First of all congratulations on your pg!

    This is my first pg so I can't say anything about it being worse but oh my god I seriously look about 4 months pg too.

    I was starting to get a little concerned about it but a couple of others on hear have said they had that too so I guess where just lucky hey, lol.

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    Hi Tarni!
    Congratulations on your pregnancy!
    Yep the second time around was fun fun fun for me LOL. I looked about 4 months pregnant pretty much straight away. I was asked by a stranger when I was due when I was only 10 weeks. My belly never recovered properly from my daughter so to be expected I guess
    I was also much sicker with my second pregnancy - started earlier, lasted longer and felt worse.
    Maybe you're having a different sex this time

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    hi tarni, congratulations on your pregnancy,
    i know how you feel im 5 weeks as well with my third pregnancy 2nd was a m/c .but i was getting worried about my belly poping out so soon as well its amazing how quick it has poped out compared to my first pregnancy i didnt show until i was 4 months its kind of scary knowing how big im gonna be by the end.

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    Hi Tarni, congratulations on your pregnancy. I definitely felt the m/s a lot more second time around and also popped a lot sooner. Best of luck with it all and hope you feel better soon.

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