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    Morning ladies,

    Just wondering if u have some advice as I am a little confused. I have read that the first ultrasound is done at about 11-14 weeks is this true and if this scan is done do u have to get the down syndrome test done?
    Thanks for your help

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    Generally the first scan it yes around that time.
    It is done at this time for the purpose of the nucal translucancy test (downs screening)... which is just a measurement on the scan teamed with a blood test (which is usually done at your doctors).

    If you choose not to have this scan you can wait until 18-20 weeks for the morhpology scan (checks all the body is forming properly).

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    Hi michelle,
    You can have a NT(down syndrome) scan if you want but I dont think they are compulsary! Its usually done at the 12 week scan!

    Hope this helps! Good luck!

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    Normally your first scan is done at around 18 weeks unless you are going to have the NT test done. If you want to have that you will probably be sent for a dating scan before 8 weeks and then for the NT at 12 weeks. If you don't want the NT then it's likely you wont have a scan til 18 weeks unless you experience spotting or bleeding or get paranoid that somethings gone wrong.

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    My first scan this time round will be the NT scan at 11-14 weeks. With Jesse i chose not to have it so 18-20 week was our first.

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