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Thread: First Scan Today

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    hopefullmum2b Guest

    Smile First Scan Today

    Hi all,

    Well I went for my first dating scan today, they didn't have to do an internal which was good, and their was a 158 a minute .

    I have an appointment with my Doctor this afternoon, and will discuss my antenatal care etc. I'm so relieved though 4 weeks to go till i'm at the end of my first trimester.

    The scan dates are accurate to my dates which is good,last time they weren't.

    This scan actually says i'm 7 weeks 3 days, where as i say 7 weeks 5 days and due on the 11/11/07 the scan estimates due delivery of the 13/11/07.

    Does anyone know if you can have your 12 week ultrasound at your local hospital? This scan just cost me $141.00, but I must say the best $141 spent to see the heartbeat of my baby.

    Thanks everyone for your support.

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    great news! must have been amazing to see the heartbeat. not sure about the 12 week scan at the hospital but so glad all went well with the early scan.

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    goldilocks Guest


    Oh yay, that's great news Bec! So happy for you That is a great hb too! My bub was measuring 4 days behind at the 7w scan, but was spot on for dates at my 12w scan, so I wouldn't worry about the dates too much. Bubs will come when they want to!

    Btw, the second trimester starts at the beginning of 14w I'm hanging out to get there myself! LOL


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    Yay that your scan went well!! My first scan date was also a few days differnt to what I thought it would be. If its only a couple days its really no big deal.

    I had a scan at 12 weeks, the NT scan. I had it at the local Private hospital and had to pay $240 for it. I got back $60 from medicare. I went to a public hospital as a public patient for my daughters birth, but for whatever reason they told me they couldnt do the 12wk scan and gave me a referal for the private hospital to do it, which was just next door anyway.

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    the hospital dosn't do the scan at 12 wks they usually dnt wanna see u that early... the 12 wk scan isn't compulsort and therefor not covered by medicare so u will have to pay for it shop around though i went somewhere really great and it only cost 65 i am in sydney though everyone else seems to be on melb...

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