thread: First time mum to be needs advice

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    First time mum to be needs advice

    Hi everyone! I've just found out that I'm 3 weeks pregnant and as this will be my first pregnancy, I'm very nervous.

    There are so many things I'm unsure of, what is normal, what isn't etc but I'm finding that searching on Google for symptoms etc is just giving me more to worry about.

    I've been having period like pains in both ovaries and my stomach is tender to the touch. I'm really tired, but am having trouble sleeping. Can anyone tell me if this is normal or not? My OB/GYN is on holidays at the moment so I can't contact her for advice.

    Thanks in advance!


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    Hi Lisa,
    firstly CONGRATS!! on your pregnancy. It is a very scary time, im sure what you are experiencing is normal, especially the tiredness but not being able to sleep. Im sure once you go to the ob then you will start to feel better.

    Rest as much as you can. good luck!!

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    Hello, welcome and congratulations on your pg!

    Everyones pg is very different - I had little or no symptoms with both of my pgies. I did have occasional cramping and that was about it..... I'd just take it one day at a time and book in to see your OB for an early scan. Best of luck

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    Nov 2011


    I had excruiciating pain for a week, which started at implantation - so before period was even due. It was so bad I asked DH to take me to the ED. Suspected ectopic, but nup all good! I was super tired also. Pains wore off about a week after finding out I was up the duff and now I'm getting those darned period-like cramps again, braxton hicks. Sigh :|

    Check out the articles here on BellyBelly

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    Thanks everyone for your kind words! <3

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    Jan 2011


    I had the period like cramping too, nothing too severe but a general discomfort and mild cramping in the first few weeks.
    Like the others said try to get into your ob as soon as you can and in the mean time the articles here on belly belly are great. Unfortunately google can be friend and foe!!

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    Honey, everything is normal the pain you describe might still be from ovulation or your uterus starting to stretch. I had similar cramping and tenderness on and off for the first tri.

    Chat to your OB/gyn when back, but maybe see your GP if there's any bleeding or the pain becomes intense.

    For now, take it easy - and stay away from Google!