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Thread: First trimester moods

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    Melbaby06 Guest

    Default First trimester moods

    Just wondering what everyones symptoms were in the first trimester?

    So far I've been pretty lucky
    1st month - Bloating, cramps, queasiness and sore bb's
    2nd month - Sore bb's, moodiness

    This month I've been sooo moody and emotional. Anyone else teary?

    So far I'm not feeling any morning sickness, so I guess thats a positive

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    I fully agree with Emma said

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    Sal Guest


    yes i was moodier in my first tri, not teary but responding more emotionally than normal

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    *Beccy* Guest


    Yes, me too! 1st trimester was mellow. Just alot of mood swings when AF was due...(but didnt' come). 2nd Trimester ~ I am moody & teary. Feeling bloated and hate that fact the pregnancy clothes look silly and yet my normal clothes no longer fit!!!! agggh


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    I have been teary, irritable and sometimes I feel a bit flat, which I think is because I have an energy slump and I feel lethargic and depressed for a while and then I come good. Also sore boobs, bloating, constipation, m/s but that has gone now and my skin looks like [email protected]#t. In general though I am feeling pretty good and I think 2nd trimester will be better.

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    I was moody 1st trimester, now I am teary and tired all the time. Ahhh the joys and wonders of pg!..

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    carls888 Guest


    I am in first trimester and just this week I have been so emotional. Feel like crying over nothing, weird. I am glad to know that it is the pregnancy. Other than that, just sore breasts and a bit of nausea.

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    Fraser Guest


    I cried over nothing all the time in my first trimester, then sometimes I would have uncontrollable laughter outbursts - it was very weird and a bit disoncerting for DH - I was ok in the second tri but now in the third tri I seem to be overly compassionate - I'll see an old person sitting on their own and my heart will break thinking that they might be all alone in the world - It's nice to think of others but gee whiz I hope that goes away after the baby is born - I can't cope with feeling sorry for everyone all the time!

    I say just go with it - I certainly have started getting my way alot more since I got pregnant!!! LOL!!! just have to let that bottom lip quiver a little and the world belongs to me!

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    cherryskin Guest


    Hi Melbaby,
    I was emotional before my 1st pg, then became progressively more emotional throughout the pg, and even MORE after giving birth (now I avoid the news like the PLAGUE because any stories involving children make me bawl and I can't stop thinking about them for days or even weeks).
    Now I'm pg with #2 (5w2d - hi everyone! *shy wave*) and I wonder what heights I will reach this time??? I am hoping I won't have too much time to dwell on sad things with a toddler and newborn come January!

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    I haven't been emotional at all. My moods don't feel any different than before I was pregnant.

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