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Thread: First (Unplanned) Preg and scared out of wits!!!

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    Welcome to BB!! A huge congrats on your pregnancy. With vitamins i never took them before we tried for DD and i stopped taking them with her cos i was constantly vomitting them back up-she is healthy now.

    With new bub now ive been taking them since 6 weeks....


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    Mia'sMummy Guest


    Hi Babypike!!
    Congratulations, just wanted to wish you a happy & healthy pregnancy!! Once the thought of having a baby settles in you'll be so excited & wont look back...
    Babies are such a blessing & if you weren't trying it must be meant to be!!
    I hope everything goes really well for you. The members of this forum are great & you can talk about ANYTHING if you need to so always feel welcome to look at all the different posts (this website beats reading any baby book for advice!!)
    Enjoy the pregnancy because the time will fly...

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    I know exactly how u feel! My DP at the time (now DH) and i hadn't been together for very long when i found out i was 4 weeks preg it was such a surprise to us both and he was in victoria i was in sydney so it was hard to come to terms with!! I was pretty anxious and scared thru the pregnancy but excited expecially when my DS started kicking and moving around and every night without fail he would get hiccups not long after i got to bed and i would watch my belly move up and down! He is almost 3 now and i woudn't swap him for anything!!
    Best wishes for a healthy and happy pregnancy! Isn't it amazing watching them on screen in an ultrasound? I go for my second ultrasound in a few weeks for baby number 2 and can't wait!!

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    Welcome to BB and CONGRATS to your pregnancy. Sometimes, the unplanned are the best events that happen in our lives!

    Did you Ob ask you to do a NT test? I had a friend who did not take folic acid until she found out she was pregnant at week 14. I agree with CelticMoon that you should have a discussion with your Ob regarding the pills you were taking and also the lack of folic. At least, this will give you a clear idea of your pregnancy and also to be on the safe side.

    Pregnancy is one of the best gift a woman could have. Of course, this package comes with some discomfort, but in the end, it's so worthwhile being able to hold your little one!

    You have found the best site to get support, encouragement, and advise. When I was in distress (this is my first pregnancy), I searched for a site to find support. BB has given me so much support...

    I wish you a healthy pregnancy!

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    Hi Baby Pike.

    My wonderful lad wasn't expected quite yet and believe me, he is the most perfect thing to ever happen! Well done for deciding to keep your baby, I'm sure you will be truely blessed with this child.

    So many things, like breakfast cereal, are fortified with vitamins and folic acid, plus it naturally occurs in some foods, so don't worry about not taking supplements just yet. After all, healthy babies were born in the days before supplements, right? I didn't find out until I was 8w along, although I'd been taking folic acid most days, but not all the preg vitamins and I'd been eating peanuts, a big no-no in pregnancy with a DH with allergies. I'd also been helping fit a bathroom, including shifting the new basin and bath, being banned from using the loo for a day and various other heavy lifting stuff that I shouldn't have done. Some things are just meant to be and there's nothing we can do to change that.

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    Hey Baby Pike, my first preg was unplanned, I didn't find out til I was 15 weeks!! During that time I was smoking and partying. I even helped my mum move house was picking up bookselves and beds. Anyway I ended up with a healthy little boy and I wouldn't have it any other way. Congratulations on your pregnancy and don't stress too much about not taking the supplements, as Ryn said "healthy babies were born in the days before supplements"


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