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    Hi all,
    I'm fairly new, but did post some in the 'conception' thread in Sept. as I had some odd symptoms and thought I was preg. (It's truly amazing the tricks your body can play on you!) Anyway, I wasn't then, but sure am now!! I am 5 weeks tomorrow. Conceived on a lovely holiday in Langkawi. I am excited, but my husband and I are starting to worry a bit...things like: 'oh dearie, what if we can't do this?' :eek: And I can't help but think 'what if my husband doesn't like being a father? What if I'm not a good mum?'. What if our relationship goes to pot? I absolutely love kids and bubs and always wanted them, so am not sure where this doubt is coming from. My husband has never been around babies and kids as he only has Mum and Dad and Sis in Australia and he just doesn't know what it's like to be a Dad. His Dad was quite absent and didn't pay him much attention at all. So I guess he can't reassure either of us! Anyway, I thought it might help if some of you who already have littlies could say how wonderful it is......You hear so many tales of how hard it is and how the worry never stops. But I figure that people have more than one, so it can't be all that bad! I must say it really is touching how kind and supportive people are to eachother on this forum.

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    Rach I can't say much to reassure you because I too am 5 weeks with the first bub, so at least we can learn together! My H feels the same way too, and we bought a good book for him called "So, you're going to be a dad ..." which he is really enjoying reading! Maybe something like that might help.

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    Hi Rach,

    Congratulations on your pregnancy!!

    I am in my 6th week now, only finding out just over a week ago. My husband and I have been looking forward to the coming of our first little one since January this year, and at last the journey begins!

    All these thoughts you are having... they are all normal and all approachable with a positive attitude and some action too.

    None of my husbands close friends have children, although he has people he sees now and then that do.

    It is really fortunate that my 2 best friends both have little 1 year old boys who we see quite regularly, and are godparents to one of them, who spends an evening with us almost weekly. Ed has fallen in love with Soul, as have I and we have a great little relationship with him.. it has been great practice for us, and his tribe (care group/extended family) is expanding for Soul and his family. All good things.

    So, if you can source out some friends with children and spend some time, a day if you can, with them...then this would be priceless.

    Also, by the way, your little one has never had a parent before, so there are no expectations there on what it is going to be like... all they need is your love, caring and nurturing and with that you can't go wrong. Keep them fed, warm, clean and dry with lots of love and attention and you can't go wrong.

    I think also, the 9 months gives us plenty of time to prepare.

    And, as you know, there is a wonderful online support network here for us to delve into and share within.

    All the best to you!!


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    Thanks so much Mai and Kylie, I do feel more reassured - and congratulations on your pregnancies!! I will definitely look for that book for my DH Kylie. I just know he'll be a wonderful father so I try to reassure him about that. I know also It's just a matter of being positive and loving and supporting eachother for the next 9 months. I think when the 'shock' wears off - it still seems to be shock even when you're suspecting it! - he'll just get stuck into the task of preparing for being a Dad! I like your advice about the little one not having expectations Mai! That's very true I'll remember that if I'm trying to hard to be 'perfect'
    Best wishes

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    Rach i posted in the other thread, i just wanted to say congrats again and please try not to worry, you will be AWESOME parents!

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    Rach13 i think we all think that at sometime or another... But you have to just trust that with time it will all work out.. My dp hasnt had much contact with children either until his brother had a baby last yr but even then he wouldnt hold his niece until she was about 4-5 mths old.. i work in childcare so have had heaps with children 1 and up so i worry what to do with a little baby maybe ill do it wrong hoping the old motherly instincts will kick in at some stage.... Im sure with all the support you will have on here and at home it will all work out.. Dont be afraid to ask any questions to the great girls in here... Ps my dad had a older dad who wasnt around much due to work commitments and being the era where dads and sons dont cuddle.. My dad is the best dad ever he completely loves myself and my brother and would do anything for us..

    All the best for a HAPPY AND HEALTHY PREGNANCY!!!

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    Im sure alot of people go through the same questions as you. I have just under 3 weeks to go with #1 and im only now asking myself those questions... but at the end of the day we all get through it

    With so much suppott on here and from family/friends you will be fine.

    All the best....

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    Rach, as the others said its only natural to have doubt. Even with #2,3,7,or 10.
    Your DH will fall in love with bub as soon as its born, and you will cope just fine. Its hard for the first couple of weeks because everything is so new but it all works out in the end. Id recommend though that if you plan on breastfeeding to either read up as much as you can about it or go to workshops if they have them. I think thats the one thing that we arent educated enough on.
    Im pg with #3 so no, its not all that bad. Its fantastic. To see my two play and love each other is priceless, and i cant wait for this bub to join in.
    Christmas is going to be a blast when bubs comes, and birthdays, and holidays.

    Its so fullfilling to be a mother and i wouldnt change anything at all.

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    Thank you all so much for your thoughts and wonderful words. It means a lot

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