thread: Flying when pregnant

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    Flying when pregnant

    Just wondering what are the guidlines for flying when pregnant? :-k
    We want to go to Fiji or Hawaii and were not sure if this is recommened or not when pregnant.

    Can anyone advise?


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    I would suggest you talk to your GP. Most pregnancy books seem to think any travel is best done during the 2nd trimester; and some airline companies will not let you travel with them close to due date without a letter confirming everything from your GP.

    Your GP will also be able to warn you of any foods etc that you need to watch out for. You can buy special stockings for the flight (for pg women) that keep the circulation in your legs constant and lower the risk of odema and DVT.

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    May 2005
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    Thank you for that information Beckibee.
    Much appreciated!

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    Hi Dave's girl,

    My work were going on a conference interstate when I was 36 weeks, just out of interest I asked my OB, he 'advised' that he wouldn't recommend flying past 32 weeks, but that each airline has their own policy anyway and to check with them.

    So I checked with Virgin Blue, who said that women flying AFTER 36 WEEKS would need a letter from their dr saying it was ok.

    So they would have actually taken me with the right clearance from my dr! I found that amazing. I didn't want to be interstate that late in the pregnancy so I didn't end up going, but I found it very interesting to know that I could have!

    Just my story ... would definitely check with your own OB though. Hope you get to take your holiday!


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    Hi DG, thanks for asking the Q. My DH just booked flights to the gold coast and i will be 23 weeks when we travel. I was thinking i would have to check with my OB just in relation to DVT's etc and the best way to handle it. The flight however is only 1 hour from Newcastle so it shouldn't be too bad and i am sure between DS and i we will make a few trips to the toilet.

    I envy you though getting to go to fiji or the likes. Have a great time and if i were you i would get all the info from your Dr.


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    Hey Dave's Girl - there is an article on the main site about Flying in Pregnancy with guidelines from each airline too.
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    If you happen to be 1st trimester when you go it might not be a pleasant experience if you have morning sickness... I wouldn't like to be rushing to the tiny plane loo every couple of hours for a vomit all the way to Hawaii! Also, in Fiji you would have to be very careful what you eat as preg makes you much more susceptible to food poisoning. In a resort you'd be ok but don't eat anything from a market.

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    I flew to NZ (3+hrs) between 6 & 7.5wks, which I was told was fine. Of course I did watch what I ate though, wasn't game to go to any buffets. I heard that if your in the 3rd trimester it can be an issue. :-)

    To prevent DVT, you should move around regularly, including raising your heels & lowering them, to get more circulation going. When I flew to USA (14hrs), when not pg, I also heard from a work colleague about taking an aspirin a day for a few days b4 you fly, helps thin the blood (to help prevent clots, eg: Deep Vein Thrombosis). But I should've probably chkd with my Dr first. At my work, there is always someone travelling o/seas.

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    hi Dave's gal

    We've booked a holiday to the Cook Islands in November, when I'll be 26 weeks pregnant. Checked with the travel agent and doctor/midwife, and they all thought it would be fine. My SIL who is a nurse and used to work in the maternity ward says that flying can't actually induce a premature birth. It's just that some airlines worry that you may go into labour while in the air...which is probably why Virgin allows women to fly with a letter from the doctor.

    I don't think it will be a problem for you, as long as you are cautious about where and what you eat.