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    Wilson Guest


    Just wondering if anyone didn't take folate through there pregnancies??

    I was but when m/s hit i stopped and haven't started again...

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    Feb 2005
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    hi sarah,

    i did, but hadnt yet started before i got a BFP because it happened quite quickly!

    i also didnt continue after about 15 weeks, as i think it is most important in the first tri.



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    BellyBelly Life Subscriber

    Jun 2005
    Blue Mountains

    Sorry to hear your m/s hit you to the point you couldn't take tablets. Hope you're feeling better now.

    From what I understand, the crucial time for folate is in the first trimester when everything forms and develops.

    If you were too sick to keep taking it, try not to worry too much. I always think of our generation, when we were born, no-one was taking folate supplements or avoided various foods etc. Majority of us turned out ok!

    I don't know how crucial they say it is after the first trimester tho. It's a good question.

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    Wilson Guest

    Thanks for your replies, i thought it was most crucial in the first tri but wasn't sure, i also think back to what my mum did in her time and she didn't take anything and was fine but it was just in the back of my mind i guess

    Pregnancy can be a never ending worry thing really sometimes

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    Aug 2004

    At my first appointment with the midwife (about 15 weeks) I was told it would be fine to stop taking folate tablets, although as I was taking a multivitamin (not just folate) they said I should keep taking it. I agree with Ivana_baby too, don't stress about it too much, because heaps of people don't take it and everything turns out fine

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    angel_eyes Guest

    Hi there,

    My best friend fell pregnant accidentally, wasn't taking folate and didn't find out until she was 5-6 weeks PG.

    The doctor told her there was no pouint starting folate at that stage.

    She had a perfectly healthy baby girl now.

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    Melinda Guest

    The most important time to take folate is for at least one month prior to conception, and the first trimester. I stopped taking mine as soon as I was into the 2nd trimester.

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    Oct 2004
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    I too was in your situation, I took it from when I found out I was pg (4wks) but then just over two weeks later I got slaughtered by morning sickness. Never got back onto the folate tablets as I couldn't keep them down while I had M/S - it didn't go away until after 16wks pg.

    I did get folate in the form of vegemite as on the occasion that I could keep something down, it was usually toast with vegemite.

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    Jul 2005

    I wasnt taking folate when we found out i was pg. I went to the doc when i was only about 1 day late but had BFP, anyway, i asked about folate and he said that there wasnt much point because its more effective if you had been taking it before hand. He advised me it wasnt necessary to take any thing at all at least untill we got my bloods back... after the blood results he said i didnt need to take vitimins or anything extra....


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    Feb 2005
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    emz, i guess you must have been getting enough in your diet that your body was already carrying enough without supplements. i think a lot of foods like cereal and bread now are fortified with it, so that is prob why so many of us can get away with it, with no probs.