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Thread: Food poisoning - but not listeria

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    Default Food poisoning - but not listeria

    OK - well i know its terrible ironic that AJ the food safety lady gets food poisining but it hasn't really been that amusing from my end trust me!! I have campylobacter which is relatively common food borne illness. It is usually caught through undercooked chicken - i cannot for the life i me figure out when i exposed myself to under cooked chicken but i am guessing that with my immune system being a little low atm it didn't take much.

    My biggest worry is fever - i know that campy isn't the same as listeria where aborting the fetus etc may occur - but i don't know for sure that it isn't affecting the baby - i have obviously a high white Blood cell count as i am fighting the infection - is there anything else that may be of concern?

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    whoop whoop or not, not sure yet!!!


    Sorry can't help you at all AJ but I hope that you and your precious bub are feeling better soon

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