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Thread: foods to avoid during pregnancy

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    Default foods to avoid during pregnancy

    Just trying to sort out dinners etc, but cannot find my reference book. I am 5 wks today.

    What foods should I be avoiding?

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    um... soft cheeses- like brie camembert, feta, blue vein as they have not been boiled before setting. Cold deli meats, bbq chooks caz of all the handling and bacteria... so no hams etc.
    ready made salads from the deli or anywhere that gives you ready made.
    um.... raw meat or fish, smoked fish, like smoked salmon... tinned oysters...
    be wary of eating leftovers unless it is in 12-24 hours after you cooked it yourself and make sure u heat it in the microwave till its piping hot. buffet food...
    theres other stuff ive been avoiding caz ive read it, not sure if its an absolute must but.. artificial sweetners as much as poss.. like in diet drinks and chewy.
    check all use by dates.. its a really good habit to get into...
    try cut down coffee... some books say altogether some say ur morning cuppa, as long as not a double espresso, is ok.
    am i helping? or making it worse?
    anyway, that should get you started... oh and seafood, stay away from shark, barramundi any fish that has traces of mercury or has been fished out of polluted waters... altho if ur like most preggy ladies seafood makes u sick anyway at first.
    im pretty into nutrition and stuff so ask me any questions...
    good luck
    Gill xoox

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    There is a thread on this somewere. You should do a search - it will help you heaps

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