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Thread: Gastro in 1st trimester....

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    brodes80 Guest

    Default Gastro in 1st trimester....

    I am 5 wks pg and have caught gastro from my 18 month old son.(charming!). Does anyone know if this could have any effects on pg / cause miscarriage etc??? thanks heaps... kind of stressing....

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    Kirsty77 Guest


    Hey Brodes

    I had gastro about 3 weeks ago and was admitted to hospital for dehydration and hooked up to a drip! So my best advice and the docs advice is keep your fluids up. Just keep drinking water no matter what and if you can't keep water down get yourself to the doc asap.The good news is(yes there is some good news)Bub is probably totally unaware that you are even sick!I was terrifed that bub would be in trouble but nope the doc said they tend not to know at all when we are sick.

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    I had Gastro @ 10wks (over easter) I just kept drinking Gastrolyte as much as I could and the thing that stopped me from throwing up was Hydrolyte in an iceblock form


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    brodes80 Guest


    phew thanks girls especially pleased to hear doesn't harm the baby!!! will keep those fluids up, don't want to end up in hospital!!!

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