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Thread: Had some light bleeding, can someone help me???

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    Default Had some light bleeding, can someone help me???

    Hi Everyone,

    Last night DH and I for the first time in ages, id had enough after 7 months TTC!

    After i was trying to go off to sleep, i thought i had better go to the loo, I got such a scare when i saw there was bright red blood on my undies which had not been there before i went to bed. it was not extremely heavy and a bit watery almost, now its morning its now just a brownish kind of spotting.

    Has anyone else experienced this after sex, im totally freaking out , im only thankful that it is now spotting and has not continued to get heavier.

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    Your quite sensitive down there so I am assuming he was maybe just a little rough and its just old blood passing through.
    If you start to get cramping or it gets heavier, go to your DR's.

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    Michelle - It sounds like your bleeding is from DTD, I had it myself with my first pregnancy, it only happened twice once at 9 weeks then again at 11 weeks both times it was only a little bit of blood.

    If your at all worried go and see your Dr.

    Take Care


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    Hi Michelle

    This is quite normal. If it does not settle down within 24 hours then you should get chcked.

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    From what i know, your cervix is highly sensitive during pregnancy so DH may have been a bit rough and hit your cervix or rubbed it too hard or something. But if its still there tmorrow i'd go see a doctor.

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    I personally haven't but as Alan and the girls have said it is perfectly normal as we are sensitive down there.

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