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    Hair Dye

    Hi, my hair is looking really dry, drab and horrible at the moment and I have a formal function to go to in 3 weeks time. I'd really like to dye it and give it some shine again but alot of friends are saying that Hair Dye can poison an unborn baby. Does anyone know if there is any truth to this or whether it's just a myth or old wives tales ?


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    Sharon, there are heaps of questions like yours here on bb, but I'm not clever enough to link you to any! Basically some people believe there is a risk, but most people now (including me!) do it anyway... I think dyes these days are nowhere near as toxic as they used to be. Certainly a semi should be ok if it's not left to soak in for too long.

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    i have continued dying my hair as normal during pg, as so many women do, with no probs at all.

    i think that the only thing you have to watch is that if you are suffering from M/S the fumes might make you feel ill.


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    hello,well i just wanted to say that im a hairdresser and i inhale those fumes everyday and it can make you feel sick but i have no choice as it is my trade...well i would reccomend that if you are in the early stages of pregnancy(1-3 months)i wouldnt recommend it as i do say to all of my clients not to risk it as you may have a reaction to the chemicals...i am long over due to get my colour buy id prefer to wait the full three months before i do it incase it does harm my iv been doing hairdressing for 10 yrs im used to all the fumes and you rnt so just be careful...when how ever you are futher along say 6 months or more sometimes the actual colour may not even take due to all the hormonal changes...good luck and sorry if i wrote to much

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    Colouring your hair in during pregnancy is perfectly fine. I worked with colours and perms all throughout my pregnancy with Nicholas and he turned out perfectly fine. If you are worried about the smells etc... maybe use a semi permanent colour.

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    I asked my obsterician about it and she said it is perfectly fine to get your hair dyed as long as you are not planning to drink the solution! I rushed out the next week to get it done and it made me feel heaps better.