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    New to this board and brand new to pregnancy also.

    Was diagnosed with PCOS in June and then fell pregnant naturally without meaning to in August.

    So of course I am happy (as happy as I can be as I am paranoid about miscarrying as the risk is higher with PCOS ladies). But just before I found out I was pregnant I found out I was never given the Rubella Vaccination and obviously now cannot get it as I AM pregnant.

    My 'Unhappy' side is that because I am now carrying a little bean, I have to avoid contact with small children as they are carriers for Rubella (German Measles). So I am always freaking out when I go out to shops or anywhere for that matter as I don't know if I will bump into a sick kid or not.

    The chances of contracting Rubella are teeny weeny...but it's not worth the risk for a lifetime with a child that could be blind, deaf, mentally retarded or all three. So basically I am going to have a lonely 9 months

    And my Auntie (more like a sister to me) just had her 3rd baby and now I cannot spend anytime with her anymore and she would of been an awesome support for me thru the pregnancy. It's hard to be happy right now......

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    aww hugs to you , the best thing to do would be to get all the facts from an ob or a doctor to let you know what you can and cant do !!!

    congrats on your pregnancy !!! im sure it will be all ok , plenty of support here !!

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    I agree, Talk more to your doctor, I'm sure you can find a happy medium!
    Good luck with everything and here's to a happy, healthy 9 months!

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    i agree with the others, im sure you dont have to be quite as lonely as you think, do some asking around and reading up on Rubella and pregnancy and arm yourself with lots of knowledge, then you'll know the 'real' risks and can assess them better. GL i hope you find a way to enjoy your pregnancy and relax a bit.

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    cherii...if it makes you feel any better, I had the rubella vaccination in high school, then after James was born had to be immunised again. And this time, after routine blood tests were performed, I'm not immune have to be immunised AGAIN.

    I haven't been so concerned about contact with infected people, but maybe I should the others have said, talk to your doctor more about this so you're able to make a well informed decision on what to do.

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