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    I,ve been getting relly bad headaches mainly in the evenings, is anyone else having them? I think the strongest thing I can take is Panadine(which didn't work last night)Does anyone have any remidies

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    hi shabbychic

    i got extremely bad headaches from around 11-18 weeks, apparantly its due to all your hormones going crazy, thats what my midwife told me, i was only taking panandol, but where possible just lie down and sleep it off, easier said than done. other than that my DH would massage my feet when i was lying down relaxing, and that was like heaven, apparently you have some pressure points in your foot.

    i hope this helps.........i hope you dont have to put up with them to long.

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    Hi Shabbychic,

    I always get bad headaches when pregnant so far with this pregnancy I've only had a couple i also have the trouble with spots before my eyes so i have to be careful. All mine i note down due to me getting pre-eclampsia towards the end of my pregnancy.

    If you get lots of them remember to tell them at your hospital appts as they will note it down.

    I just try and lie down in a dark room or a relaxing bath and then lie down. I only even taken panadol and only a few times they haven't worked.

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    Yes, I had low-level headaches for about weeks 6-9. This is because of all the changes happening in the brain - the prolactin levels growing so you can breastfeed, in those weeks my prolactin levels rose about 4-5 times their usual level. The gland that makes the hormones (the pituitary gland) is growing and it can sometimes press upon the optic chiasm, which makes your vision go a bit blurry and makes focussing a little more difficult (I had this weeks 6-9 too). This can also cause the dancing spots before your eyes, but that's linked into my dizziness as well, so I just have to take things slowly.

    My only remedy has been to close my eyes and calm myself with meditation, as I won't take pain killers, and imagine my skull expanding to fit in all the extra brain that's growing. Either that or not read and watch TV at the same time because going from one near-focus to a far-focus quickly and constantly has not been too good for me.

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    I've been getting headaches on and off through this pregnancy - when I get one it usually lasts 24 hours or so Didn't have this with my last one.
    When it gets too annoying I take a panadol, but I dont' think there's much else safe to take besides paracetamol.

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    hi there shabbychic i am sorry to hear about your headaches i had them really badly when i was breg with my son T i had to rest alot and keep my fluids up and sometimes a bit of xtra sugar (hehehe) anyway i was going to suggest this it helped me alot
    you know those clear (usually blue) squishy face masks with gell inside them ? i hope you know what im talking about or i will feel stupid ... anyway i bought one of those from a discount shop nearby and kept it cool in the fridge i just pulled it out and lay it over my eyes when the headaches got bad and it was AWESOME !!!
    good luck i hope it gets better soon

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    Hey Shabbychic,
    I to am sorry to hear abouth the headaches, when I was pregnant I got the really badly as before I was pregnant I was on medication for migranies.
    I spoke to my doctor and he prescribed panadine fort, you would need to speak to your GP or midwife. I did shared care so I spoke to my GP.
    I found that when I took a pregnancy multi I felt better also.
    I hope that you have a fantastic pregnancy and a safe birth.

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    So sorry to hear of your headaches

    I've been having them since week 4 of this pregnancy and was also on migraine meds before I conceived. My doc tells me I can take Panadeine and also Mersyndol (sparingly, for bad headaches). They REALLY help, and make me relax.

    Maybe have a chat to your doc and see what he can prescribe for you.

    Good luck!

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