thread: Heartbeat and Gender?

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    Brooke M Guest

    Heartbeat and Gender?

    Hello hello.

    I have just had my 12 week US today, and baby looks to be another boy (have 2 already, both of the previous boys have been very well endowed and have been picked up early). I am grasping at straws a little here to prove everyone wrong, but does anyone know anything about gender and heartbeat? I thought I had read something about a certain range being for either boys or girls...went to BB to check but forgot about the upgrade!

    Any guidance would be great!

    Brooke x

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    Unfortunately there is no truth in it at all. it is just an old wives tale that gets disproven so much it isn't funny, both my boys ranged from 170s down to 130s when Heart beats were taken. Will you be having another scan at 18wks ?? you can find out for sure then.


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    Brooke M Guest

    Hi Kathryn, how are you all travelling?

    Oh bugger about the heartbeat thing. I have an ultrasound every fortnight because of my previous pregnancy problems, but yes I am also having a gender scan at 17weeks. I am just impatient.

    We have just moved into a 2yo house and the spare bedroom is a blank canvas - no paint or decorations at all, and am dying to get in there and turn it into a little boy or little girl's room!

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    BellyBelly Member

    Aug 2004

    Hi Brooke,

    I think the old wives tale says under 150bpm equals boy, and over equals girl.
    Spuds heart beat has been 150 every single time!! DOH!! So even if it were a truth, it wouldn't help me figure out what sex the baby is.
    KNow what you are saying about the decorating.... Everytime I walk intoa cute baby shop there is so much stuff I want to buy, but can't.
    Oh well - only 6 weeks to go til I can find out, and then pink or blue to my hearts content!
    Good luck waiting for the scan.

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    Hey Brooke

    Yeah we are all going good. It is hard to wait when you want to know the sex Goodluck for your 19wk scan, lets hope he/she isn't shy LOL


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    BellyBelly Member

    May 2004

    Hi Brooke,

    I asked my OB this on my last visit and he said that girls HB are over 140 and boys below but if you have a big baby the HB can be slower. He said he delivered a girl that's hb was 110 but she was a big baby.

    So you should not take the HB as knowing what you are having.

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    *Megan* Guest

    Hi Brooke

    I bought into all of the old wives tales before I knew the sex of the baby and they all pointed to a girl...well guess what - I'm having a boy! The HB went up and down with each ultrasound so it was so hard to tell in the end......I was desperate to know too - so understand how you are feeling!


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    Nov 2003

    I didnt ask but there was a student in there and the doc said u can tell the difference sometimes, as boys have a faster metabolisim so there heart is slower then a girls, but it depends on the time of day its taken and the circumstances etc etc

    take care

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    My little boys HB at 9.6 weeks was 172BPM, it now ranges between 140bpm to 146bpm.

    Take Care


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    Nov 2004

    Our scan showed the hb at 158 and I have heard the wives tale that that indicates a girl. There are lots of othe factors that indicate a girl for me and we will find out at our 20 week scan in two weeks.

    Hang in there Brooke, I suppose it's just a waiting game like everything else in pg.

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    layla Guest

    Brooke, I've been told that the heart rate is only an "indicator" at the end of pregnancy, after 36 weeks. Most babies heart rate's are faster at the start and gradually slow down as the baby grows. I think there may be some truth to it but obviously only in some cases.
    I'm like you at the moment, dying to know the sex of my baby, but I'm trying to be patient and not dwell on it too much. 8-[

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    Brooke M Guest

    Thanks everyone. I am just so impatient. After having 2 boys I have boxes and boxes of boys clothes that I am either dying to sort through or replace with pink ones \/

    I shall just have to distract myself with painting/decorating a different room at the moment and put the clothes in the garage in the interim!

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    Wow Brooke, congratulations mate!!! Great to see you have another on the way. I hope everything is going smoothly for you
    Kelly xx

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