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    I have heartburn pretty much all day and every day now.

    Does any one know: Is this because of the food I am eating, or just because I'm pregnant? If its food, what sort of foods cause it so I can stop eating them!!!
    I always thought you get it from eating lots of spicy and fatty foods, but I havent been eating spicy and fatty foods..

    Also, any good suggestions on easing it?


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    Tigergirl1980 Guest


    I had this really bad when pregnant with Jonah before that I didn't very often so I figured it was because of pregnancy. Milk is great but may not work all the time, I tried Rennies and they worked in the beginning but I think I got used to it after a while and then moved to Quick Eze and they were wonderful. Try whatever you can and use what works best for you. As Kate said if it gets really bad the best thing to use in Zantac.

    Some other tips, try not to eat too late at night and not too much bread/potatoes/rice etc heavy/starchy items such as these can make indigestion worse.

    Good luck, I hope you can find something that helps you out.

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    chelleg Guest


    Hi Karina, Unfortunately heartburn is just one of those 'side effects' of pregnancy due to all of the hormones floating around. Some women get it worse than others and it can be exacerbated by certain foods. My best advice is to eat frequent small meals, rather than 3 big main meals and my secret midwives cure (which i'm sure really isn't that much of a secret!) is FRUIT TINGLES
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    Fraser Guest


    Hey there, I had heartburn really badly also from about 12/14 weeks right up to the end - it was worse at night.

    I started on milk, then moved to Rennie tablets and then finally onto Zantac - each was good, it just got progressively worse and I needed something stronger - the Zantac was great.

    I found Orange juice and anything fizzy made mine flare up.

    good luck with it - mine disappeared the day Charlie was born! so it wont last forever!

    Cheers, Em

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    Slippery elm tablets have helped me too as well as milk, small meals etc as others have suggested. I also start the night propped up in bed and then lay flatter later during the night.

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    I had it early on from about weeks 6 to 10, just last week (16) it has come back with a vengence and isn't going away. Karina food triggers for me have been: pastry, grainy bread, banana, lettuce!, coconut, chocolate and they are just the ones I can think of!
    Milk helps, so does ice cream. I use quick eze at the moment. My dad is a long time heartburn sufferer, he used to be on zantac, last night he told me about some wonder drug he is now on that is called Somac and he reckons he can now eat anything he wants. I do not know if it is safe for us or not, but might be worth investigating. He also suggested letting toast go cold before you eat it, apparently that helps too.

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    AAAARRRRGGGHGHHHH! Heartburn queen here!
    With both girls I was sitting upright in bed coz if I laid down it killed me & I constantly vomited small amounts throught the day & night from heartburn, esp in the last 2 months!
    An old wives tale is babies with lot's of hair give heartburn, I have no idea if it's true or not but both my girls were little hairy gorilla's!!!!
    I started with milk after every meal, then rennies, mylanta, drinking gaviscon (that made me vomit too) Nothing at all fixed it, but as soon as bubs is born I never suffer from it again til I am preg again....

    Good Luck... It sucks!

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