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Thread: Heartburn- without eating??

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    Joy3 Guest

    Default Heartburn- without eating??

    Is it possible to get heartburn on an empty stomach? Perhaps due to hormones or something?
    I think i've been having heartburn (have never had it before) but I have on occassion had it- when i haven't had food for hours. Is this normal?
    Or could it perhaps be anxiety? Don't think i'm overly anxious- but perhaps its my bodies way of telling me that I am.

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    I had heartburn throughout my pregnancy even if I hadn't eaten for a few hours. It was the absolute pits. I tried a range of things to ease it but unfortuntately for me none of them worked.

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    You are more likely to get heartburn on an empty stomach than if you have a small meal. This is also a sign of stomach ulcers if it happens when you are not pregnant.

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    x Mousie x Guest


    I had terrible heartburn and acid reflux with my first two pregnancies but have managed to avoid it so far this time. The only thing that really eases it is to stay away from that yummy greasy junk food and to eat frequent healthy snacks.
    Oh yeah it tended to get worse for me if i had a big pig out on hot chips or anything pretty much greasy and then didn't eat for a few hours after it. It made me bloated so i didn't want to eat and then the heartburn was double trouble.

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    I used to always get heartburn on an empty stomach all throughout my pregancy, so had to eat more often, and milk became my best friend!
    for Me though, after i had Ben, i found out a had great big gallstones and had to have my gallbladder out 4 months after i had ben. BUT I'm not saying that you have gallstones, dont worry, that was just the case for me. isnt heartburn due to lack of stomach acid?

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    I have been getting heartburn frequently, but I find i get it a couple of hours after eating, rather than straight away. Its worse if I am a little bit hungry too.
    I find that milk helps! DH buys this really tasty caramel milk stuff which eases the heartburn. I use mylanta tablets if no milk available, but I find milk works better.

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    Does snacking on something help it at all? I'm pretty sure i get it weather I eat or not. I try food, and if that doesnt help, Rennie tabs seem to give some relief.
    I mainly take the rennie for the real uncomfy high up gassy bloated feeling in my stomach.

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    Fraser Guest


    I had it really badly when I was pregnant.

    Someone told me that because all your muscles etc are being loosened in prep by your hormones so is the muscle that keeps your stomach acid down and therefore it rises and gives you problems.

    Does that make any sense? Mine was definitley worse on an empty stomach - nothing for it to sink into.

    Rennie tablets were good - but Zantac worked best for me.

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