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Thread: Hello! 9 weeks and so so so excited!

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    Default Hello! 9 weeks and so so so excited!

    Hi Ladies,

    I amber from melb
    im 24 and three months ago was married to my teenage sweetheart of 8 years!
    We are 9 weeks preggies and couldnt be happier.

    We are totally new at all of this so whilst getting used to married life
    (never lived together before hand) we have to adjust to the different stages of pregnancy too! yay
    Its definitely alot to take in at once but also very scary and exciting

    I dont have a GP as we have moved to a new area.
    I booked an appointment with the Midwifes clinic.
    I have to wait till im 13wks before my first appointment.
    Is this normal at all? Im really nervous and have so many questions. Ive never done this before so with every little cramp and pain i get anxious.
    You girls are fantastic as ive been reading through the forum and have gained some great info but theres nothing like hearing it from a doctor to ease your mind.

    i thought that i would need to get all my tests and stuff done before 13 weeks? am i wrong in thinking this or is it normal to wait till 3 months?
    Also i asked about my first ultra sound and the lady said that it wont be till 18 weeks. ive read on here that many ladys have had their first u/s done at 6-8 weeks.
    Because i havent had any morning sickness i dont really "feel pregnant" yet. I have been feeling very exhausted and a lil nautious now and then.

    I guess im just really anxious to find out how my pregnancy is going and the waiting is annoying me

    Should i just be patient and wait or should i find a GP and make an appointment?

    sorry for the long post!

    Thanks in advance!


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    kirsty Guest


    Hi & welcome to Bellybelly & huge congratulations on your recent marriage & your pregnancy.

    If you are at all concerned then find yourself a GP & start off there. I don't know much about how midwife clinics operate as I have never used one before so don't know if what you have been told is the norm or not. Maybe someone else will be able to give you better info on that one.

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    Wow Ambz, so many good things happening to you! Congratulations on all fronts and welcome to BB.

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    Hi Ambz!

    Congrats on your pregnancy!!

    Im only new to this also. I saw my GP when i found out i was pregnant after a home test to confirm. He did another test and confirmed. He sent me for an ultra sound at 5 weeks, 4 days, only because i was on the pill and we needed to make sure it wasnt an Eptopic Pregnancy. Everything was ok so he said then to just come back and see him in 2 weeks and they'll do a blood test to check all my levels and determine blood type etc. I saw another lady doc when i went back as my doc was away and did a blood test and urine at 8 weeks. She said i wouldnt have another ultra sound till about 13-16 weeks, depending on when the hospital wants it done.

    So really its up to you.. if its worrying you, id go to a GP and maybe get a blood/urine test to make sure all your iron etc levels are ok. Its always good to have them there if you need to ask any questions or unsure about anything.
    I dont think they normally do a scan until that late unless theres a risk of something ?

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    Hi Amber, welcome to BB & congratulations on both your wedding & the new bub

    It is completelyy normal to have your first midwife visit at around 10-13 weeks. If you would like to get the nuchal scan done (it's an u/s to check for the possibility of down syndrome) you need to get it done between 10-12wks. There are no real tests done before the nuchal scan. After 3months you go to the midwife clinic once a month & get your BP & urine checked, it then goes to fortnightly, then weekly until you have your bub. The only other tests you really have are the GCT (for gestational diabetes at around 28wks) and an ultrasound at around 18wks (to check bub is growing).

    Personally I didn't want the nuchal scan done, but when I had my first midwife appointment they did a quick scan anyway justy to check everything was ok in there.

    I was the same with very few symptoms, so you might be one of the lucky ones too

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