thread: Help, can't get into my dr for 2 weeks!

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    Help, can't get into my dr for 2 weeks!

    Hi everyone, I'm new here. I'm a bit nervous because I got a BFP yesterday with a HPT and then tried to make an appt with my dr. She works at a busy little medical centre in my home town and it is always very busy. Anyway the earliest appt i could get was two weeks from now which would make me roughly 4 weeks preg (?).
    Will this be soon enough? I'm starting to get worried because people say you should almost book the ob/hospital etc when you start TTC!!
    Also I have questions regarding my diet, work, etc!
    Am I just being a nervous nelly or should I try to find another dr?

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    Hey Twiddly,

    Congrats on the BFP for starters! I reckon that you should be fine for another couple of weeks unless it is a high risk pg. However, if you are really concerned then I would recommend seeing another gp in the meantime. You'll feel much better if someone can put your mind to ease. Lots of luck!

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    Hi Twiddly, congratulations. I think if you can get in to see your own GP or another before your two week appt, that would be good. At least for your own peace of mind. Im sure it will be fine to wait the two weeks otherwise.

    Maybe if you explained to the medical centre what the appt was for, they might fit you in earlier. Alternatively, if you can get there at short notice, maybe they can put you on a waiting list if there are any cancellations.

    Otherwise, as I said, im sure it will be fine to wait the two weeks.


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    Hi Twiddley! Again! I know what you mean, my dr was on holidays and as I found out on Sunday I wanted to go to Dr ASAP for work stuff so I went anyway... I just made it with someone else and went to get all the tests done and as the HPT's are 90% accurate it should be enough to go on, but I did three anyway... just to be sure 8-[ . But anyway... I went and had all those tests done and the dr asked which hospital to forward the results too, I had no idea so I named the one my two friends had given birth at this year who loved it and the hospital called the next day, so I went for a visit and they booked me in for a 12 week introduction where you first book in officially. So you do have time. I didn't know I was PG until after 5 weeks, and then I didn't make an official decision on anything until 6 weeks... and they wouldn't see me until after 12 weeks anyway, so I guess it depends. Some birth centres have HUGE waiting lists where you have to book ASAP, but some are like the one I go to where its a bit quieter and away from the city so less demanding....

    I hope that helps!


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    Hi Twiddley.

    You should be fine if you see your doctor at 4 weeks - it seems you are more concerned about a referal for the next appointment. Perhaps you could ask you doctor to ring you so you can get the names of the Obs they would recommend, as these are the ones that it can be hard to make an appointent with. You can then ring them to make your first specialist appointment, and get the referal when you see your GP. You can also ask the receptionist for what you need to do re booking into hospitals etc.

    I found out at 4 week/3days - and it was Good Friday! I was lucky as my GP only works on Saturdays, and she was working Easter Saturday and could see me. She gave me a referal to a specialist she recommended (as I had no idea - turns out he is lovely and well respected), and advised me to ring 9am on the Tuesday morning - which I did, and I got my first appoinmant at 10 weeks.

    My GP advised me that if I hadn't been able to see the specialist at around 10 weeks, to come back and see her as she could sort out my 12 week scans etc. So you should't worry too much yet.

    If you have a local hospital, you could also ring them to find out their proceedures etc. I think every doctor and specilaist is as individual as every pregnant woman!

    It's a very exciting but nervous time (I'm 12 weeks tomorrow and going for my first scan!), but read up/chat as much as you can and you should be ok.

    Might be a good idea to take a pregnacy multivitamin too if you haven't already....

    Good luck.


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    Normally when you find out you are pregnant with a HPT you are at least 4 weeks already, as a 40 week pregnancy is counted from the first day of your last period - I know, it's weird! But anyway, if you are 4 weeks now, in two weeks, you'll be 6 weeks. It's not hugely crucial as the others have mentioned, the main thing is you'll need to see an Ob at 12 weeks, so start thinking on who you want to see if you are going private, or which hospital if you're going public. The doctor will probably ask you to do another HPT and write you out a referal for the Ob, some doctors will also do bloods but some don't and leave it all to the Ob.
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