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Thread: help could i be pregnant?

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    Default help could i be pregnant?


    Hope my story makes sense, my partner and I are in a long distance relationship at the moment, we spent 2 weeks together and it has been nearly 6 weeks apart since then. I was on the pill but in the first week I had an upset stomach and was having some diarrhoea, which I know could lower the effectiveness of the pill. Also for the last 2 months I was skipping the white pills so I didn't get any bleeding, I don't know if this lowers the effectiveness of the pill?
    Anyway immediately after our 2 weeks together I stopped taking the pill (for various reasons) and a few days later I had about 3-4 days of fairly light bleeding which I assumed was a period? Now it's almost 6 weeks later, I've had no bleeding since and for about the last week I have had strange sort of cramps in my lower abdomen and pelvis, similar to period pain, and increased clear discharge. I probably have been more tired than normal but have just started working full-time again and exercising for about an hour each day which I'm not used to, and it's not too extreme. I have been eating less and much healthier than normal but feeling quite bloated at times. I've had no nausea and my breasts aren't tender or don't seem bigger which I thought was one of the main changes...
    I went to the doctors and she questioned if I was pregnant and (maybe stupidly) I completely dismissed the idea as I had had what I thought was my period. She screened for me for STI's and PID which was all clear.. Could I actually be pregnant???
    Thanks for any advice

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    Your symptoms could be your body reacting to coming off the pill, it can take some time for your cycle to get back in sync. But I'd do a test to make sure.

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